Mexico-Riviera Cruise

October  2017

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(1) Mexico-Riviera Cruise
I had a voucher for this cruise from my last year Hawaii cruise. I Love Cruises. Pampered life. I wish I could live on the ship. Some wealthy seniors do.
Here is a quote by Annie Ilonzeh: Being pampered is great, but sometimes I like to do those things myself because it’s a little therapeutic and gives me some downtime for myself – and I need that.
I enjoyed every port of call. I would like to go back to Cabo San Lucas for more outdoor adventure activities. I loved everything about the ship. Great foods, fantastic entertainments, activities, relaxation etc.,
Isn’t it wonderful to go World cruise? It’s very steep lowest $22k to $45k for 100+ days – average $25K to $65K (ouch!!! my Bucket List)

(2) Verdi’s “La Traviata” – SF Opera Conductor Nicola’s Final day
He’s such a great conductor. He continues to be busy. He has engagements with Metropolitan Opera, Madrid’s Teatro Real, London’s Royal Opera, Covent Garden. In December, Nicola Luisotti will conduct the Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala at Carnegie Hall.
I will definitely come see him if/when he comes to SF Opera as a guest conductor.

(3) I like dress-up
There are plenty of people out there with a profound love for opera as a living art form. Some have a deep intellectual appreciation for the subtleties of the music. I enjoy mostly atmosphere. I don’t have much of knowledge. The opera house is a beautiful, elegant building. Why not take advantage to have an occasion to play dress-up? For me, it felt right to be dressed up. I do receive many compliments when I dressed-up. I’m nobody however people love to take pictures with me. That’s compliments. Can you wear jeans? Sure. Should you wear jeans? No.

(4) The deadly wildfires that have ravaged Northern California
It was devastating news. It’s so close to SF bay area. I can smell the smoke. I really felt heartaches for those wildfire victims. > Fire began Oct. 8 > 200,000 acres have burned in Wine Country. Another 36,000 acres have burned farther north in Mendocino county > 42 death toll > 8,400 structures destroyed > 11 destroyed wineries >> Since October, Cal Fire has battled 250 new wildfires statewide >>11,000 firefighters across the state—including 3,800 inmate volunteers

(5) Pneumonia shot
I had a Flu shot. Also, I had a pneumonia shot. All adults 65 years or older should get a pneumonia shot.

10/01/17: Cruise – Port of Los Angeles
10/02/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/03/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/04/17: Cruise – Puerto Vallarta
10/05/17: Cruise – Mazatlan
10/06/17: Cruise – Cabo San Lucas
10/07/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/08/17: Cruise – Port of Los Angeles
10/13/17: Donation for Wine Country wildfires
10/13/17: Flu shot & Pneumonia shot
10/17/17: SF Opera “LA TRAVIATA”
10/25/17: de Young Museum – new exhibit ‘Teotihuacan’
10/25/17: 16th Avenue Tiled Steps
10/27/17: Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Opera Opera

September  2017

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(1) Opera Season Opening Night
SF Opera – Season Opening night was fantastic. I wore a Chinese inspired standing collar cloth and small tiara because TURANDOT is a princess in Beijing.
I enjoyed Opera itself (didnot disappoint me at all) and honoring Music Director Nikola was great.

I have seen Puccini’s TURANDOT at the Forbidden City Beijing 1998 Multi Lang. In Cc [Etcohod] on YouTube. It was Zhang Yimou’s production. You should see it. It’s extraordinary.
Also, Turandot, live from The Royal Opera House on YouTube. NewYork Met Opera’s Turandot will be playing in October & November. Set Designed by Franco Zeffirelli production. It’s a gorgeous set.

(2) Did you know what is PARK(ing) Day?
PARK(ing) Day is the third Friday in September! PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers, and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

(3) New RV Camping Trip (first-timers)
My friend & I did RV camping on US Hwy 395 Destination Manzanar Internment Camp.
It was a good experience. Water & electricity hookup didn’t work right first night at Mono Lake. It was only one blanket to sleep. I wore 6 layered clothes, even put bath towel and curtains over my body. Following morning, we bought blankets at Mammoth Lakes. The McGee Creek RV Park employee “Steve” was a godsend to us. He took a lot of time to help to fix and explaining numerous problems. Thanks to him, we slept well. Also, my friend Richard. he did everything by himself. Sorry I couldn’t help. Overall, we had a good trip anyway.

(4) My sister (unexpectedly) passed away on Sept. 25.

(5) Getting ready for Mexican Riviera Cruise

9/02/17: SF Shakes Hamlet at Presidio
9/08/17: Opera opening night Turandot
9/10/17: Opera in the Park – Golden Gate Park
9/14/17: Rolex Big Boats Series – St. Francis Yacht Club
9/14/17: Concord Music and Market
9/14/17: artwork of Sush Machida – Consulate General of Japan
9/15/17: PARK(ing) Day – Bandaloop Performance | Oakland
9/21/17: RV Camping – Mono Lake
9/22/17: RV Camping – McGee Creek, Mammoth Lakes
9/23/17: RV Camping – Visited Manzanar
9/25/17: My sister (unexpectedly) passed away on 9/25/17
9/30/17: Drive to LA for Mexican cruise

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Short-term Memory

August  2017

(1) Insane American politics. I’m sick of it – no comment.

(2) I am overly concerned about my “mental and physical aging.”
I clearly noticed my brain function “dementia-like symptoms,” also I started feeling stiffness in my body when I try to get up after sitting for long period of time in front of my computer.

I was organizing my closets. While sorting/fixing things, I needed something from another room. Then, it happens,  “I know I came in here for something, but I can’t remember what it is …”  Just too many occurrences. Following day, I was going to visit Golden Gate Fields Horse Races alone. I researched every step of an itinerary. My plan was to get off BART at North Berkeley station and catch GGF free shuttle bus. However, I got off at Richmond and I have no idea why.  I got to races before First Post Time.

I went out many places by myself. I’m lucky to live in Bay area where I have easy access to cultural resources and activities. Joy, excitement, new ideas, gain insight, interaction with people (even just say hello and smile.) It is much better than just sitting in the house.

I know many older people prefer the quality of a rustic, solitary beauty that comes with weathering and age. That wabi/sabi no longer attract me.

I’m so eager to find new experiences. I’m free of any obligation to anyone, have a few more years to live (? hope so ?), am still mobile. Yes, Now is the time.

Long life? No.
Meaningful life? Yes.

The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.”
– Jack London

8/01/17: National night out – Pittsburg, ca
8/04/17: Friday evening – Pittsburg Marina
8/06/17: Nihonmachi Street Fair – Japantown
8/08/17: Hilda Huang, Pianist – Noontime Concerts
8/08/17: Master Class – Harpsichord at SF Conservatory of Music
8/10/17: Movie “American Graffiti” special guests
8/12/17: Rosie the Riveter Rally – Richmond CA
8/13/17: Diablo Japanese Festival – Concord, CA
8/16/17: Autodesk Gallary SF
8/16/17: around The Embercadero (Rincon Annex, Greenwich & Filbert Steps)
8/17/17: Concord Summer Music & Market – Orquesta Borinquen Salsa Band
8/19/17: Civil War Living History Day at Fort Point, SF
8/20/17: Klipptones at Castro
8/20/17: Mission Dolores Park, and Basilica
8/20/17: Clarion Alley Murals
8/27/17: Dollar Day Golden Gate Field Horse Races

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Trump’s New Clothes

Trump’s New Clothes

Republicanism ideology 
Republicanism is a political ideology in opposition to monarchy and tyranny. However, Trump & his Whitehouse is tyranny. I hope the Republicans in both houses unite and act now to against the emperor(Trump). Please, any Republicans, if you have some personal integrity, preserve the true meaning of “the ideology of republicanism.”


Here is Trump’s New Clothes play:
Emperor – Trump
weavers – Sly con men, top aides Whitehouse
The child (boy) – the voice of consciousness. Majority Democrats

American right-wing Conservatives admired Trump and his new clothes until (not happening yet) one boy yelled that the Emperor had no clothes on. He is the only one that spoke the truth. We have a question whether anyone needs honesty and truth in a world ruled by lies.
Hypocrisy Of Conservatives
As a general ideology, Conservatism is opposed to the ideals of Liberalism and Socialism. Conservatism generally refers to right-wing politics which advocate the preservation of personal wealth and private ownership (Capitalism) and emphasize self-reliance and Individualism.
I respect good traditional values, cultures. However, there are so many human right violations existed in many countries. Now, we are understanding equality, we are cultivating Civilised Society. Republicans & conservative call that “Progressive / Liberal.”  I think the well-developed system of government, culture, and way of life and that treats the people who live there fairly: A fair justice system is a fundamental part of a civilized society.
I faced discrimination in this country, and it’s never ending because I am not one of them(white)
Liberal, conservative, socialist, radical, left-wing, right-wing, reactionary, rightist, ultraconservative, fascist. . . etc.,
We don’t know what really meant when we use those vocabularies.
Below link is an old article compiled by the Editors of  StudentNewsDaily on 2005. It’s may help understand (?)

About Stern Grove Festival

I am disappointed how they are handling festival.
I found the comment made by David D. of Berkeley, CA  6 years ago. He wrote:
A bit of the history…Stern Grove was donated to the City by Rosalie Stern  in memory of her husband Sigmund, the principal of Levi’s Co.  Rosalie envisioned Grove concerts that;
  • Provide high-quality performances
  • Free of charge, for all Bay Area residents and visitors.
  • Provide paid performance opportunities for professional artists and performers.

About San Francisco, Municipal Railway

is the public transit system for the city and county of San Francisco. Even I don’t live in The city. I find it very good system.
Well, well, , , they are testing the new light rail trains. It’s so wrong to shut-down during the day. They should be testing during the night, the overnight hours are sufficient to figure out what works or doesn’t. Sabotaging service on summer weekends is beyond stupid.


7/01/17: Stock Car Racing @ Stockton 99 Speedway
7/01/17: Huge FireWorks @ Stockton 99 Speedway
7/02/17: Huge FireWorks @  Stockton Dirt Track
7/02/17: Vietnam War Moving Wall
7/08/17: Ethnic Dance Festival Week-One @ SF Opera House
7/13/17: “Titanic” movie Orinda Theatre
7/14/17: Monaco Boys Choir, SF City Hall Rotunda
7/15/17: “Chevron Family Theatre Fest.” Lesher Center for the Arts
7/15/17: Ethnic Dance Festival Week-Two @ SF Opera House
7/16/17: Eric Burdon + The Animals
7/18/17: Hearing
7/20/17: CA State Fair Sacramento
7/23/17: Stern Grove Festival – Los Angeles Azules
7/27/17: Napa Valley Wine Train with Gourmet Lunch
7/30/17: Stern Grove Festival – SF Ballet

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Live well with less

Live well with less

Things That Matter More Than Money for a Happy Living for me

  • Health (easy to maintain)
  • People (hard to have relationships – due to hearing problem)
  • Curiosity & Experiences (Internet made easy access to knowledge)
  • Purpose (my blog)
  • Beauty & Gratitude  (in everywhere, everything, every people)
  • Time (still able to afford it – so far)

6/01/17: Thursday Concord Summer Concert& Market
6/02/17: Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra
6/04/17: Asian Art Museum SF
6/04/17: Union Street Festival SF
6/04/17: Museum of Craft & Design SF
6/06/17: Legion of Honor Museum. Urs Fisher Exhibit SF
6/07/17: SF Civic Symphony @ Herbst Theatre SF
6/10/17: Livermore Rodeo Parade Downtown
6/10/17: Livermore Rodeo @ Robertson Park
6/13/17: Community BBQ hosted by Fire Dept. Morada, CA
6/14/17: San Joaquin County Fair. Stockton, CA
6/15/17: CA State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CA
6/16/17: Lunch @ Wente Vineyards, Livermore, CA
6/21/17: Surrealistic Summer Solstice Concert & Grand Lighting SF, CA
6/24/17: Pasados del Presidio – San Francisco’s Birthday
6/25/17: Movie: Belle et Sébastien (France) Antioch, CA
6/30/17: Opera at the Ballpark: Don Giovanni | AT&T Park SF

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May 2017

May  2017

Sondheim’s Musical
I researched Stephen Sondheim before going to see musical “Side by Side” at Conservatory of Music. It was mesmerized to watch “BBC Proms 2010 – Sondheim at 80” on YouTube. Dame Judi Dench sang “Send In The Clowns” from A Little Night Music. Utterly spellbinding. Then I read his bio. When Sondheim was ten, his parents divorced. Sondheim explained to biographer Secrest that he was what they call an institutionalized child, meaning one who has no contact with any kind of family. you’re in an environment that supplies you with everything but human contact.
I felt the similar feeling time to time – Disowned because I married to a Caucasian. Although, I didn’t have the luxurious life in the USA.
I have seen his musical “Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street” U.S. tour, Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Lovett, many years ago in San Francisco. Two years ago (2015), I saw opera version played by American baritone Brian Mulligan and American mezzo-soprano Stephanie Blythe, sang in English at SF Opera House.

Sashay away
A woman followed me in Presidio Officer’s Club and asked me “Are you a dancer?” I said “No. Why?”. She told me I walk beautifully. After a little chat, she said “I’ll Sashay (Chassé) away” and left. I enjoyed Jazz music there.

Crocker Bank
I have many old IT related software books in my dresser, which I haven’t opened it nearly 10 years. I removed all books into recycling trash bin. Then one piece of paper dropped to the floor, a copy of altered “Dilbert” comic strips. It brought back my memories at working “Crocker Bank” and “BofA”. I remember that my interview failed with IBM, then school told me to go to Crocker Bank for an interview. I didn’t send out my resume. However, school faxed it, just like they did for IBM. CTL (Computer Traning for Disabled) and UC Berkeley professional development counselors helped me. I got my first professional job at Crocker as “Programer & Analyst” I did coding COBOL programs to run under CICS on IBM machine in Auditing Department, then in HR Department used NOMAD a relational database and 4th generation language.

Mother’s Day
I had best mother’s Day this year.

Mini Vacation
Yosemite Valley and Hetch Hetchy Dam. Majestic & serene!

Memorial Day Weekend
* I was invited to my friend Richard’s family gathering on Saturday. He has loving children and grandchildren.
* Watched Carnaval SF – the Grand Parade on Sunday.
* Presidio Memorial Day – Honor & remember fallen heroes on Monday.

5/05/17: SF City Hall Rotunda 12Noon Dance Series
5/05/17: Presidio Sessions @ Officer’s Club. Kasey Knudsen Sextet Jazz
5/05/17: Conservatory of Music – Sondheim’s “Side by Side”
5/09/17: SF Botanical Garden
5/11/17: Audrey’s concert @ the Fresno State Concert Hall
5/13/17: Performed Dance at Pittsburg Senior Health Fair
5/14/17: Mother’s Day Luncheon @Alameda, CA
5/14/17: USS Hornet Museum
5/17/17: Gift: iPhone 7 Plus 32GB
5/17/17: Dinner at Jackson Rancheria Casino. Jackson, CA
5/19/17: Trudie’s Retirement Party Concord, CA
5/23/17: Visit Hetch Hetchy O’Shaughnessy Dam, Tueeulala and Wapama Falls.
5/24/17: Visit Yosemite Valley & Glacier Point
5/27/17: Friend’s family gathering – Memorial Weekend
5/28/17: Carnaval – Grand Parade SF, CA
5/29/17: Memorial Day Ceremony

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