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June – Condolence
Morning of June 7th, my son’s father passed away peacefully. He had pain all over his body for 3 months, then finally admitted to the emergency. Doctors discovered cancer in his lung, spinal, bones, and spread all over his body. He died within 10 days. He was amazingly good looking even on deathbed. I haven’t seen him for quite long time. I exclaimed, “Wow, you are so handsome!” He replied “Handsome Devil” yes, indeed. His mind was very sharp and alert. I gave him my forgiveness and blessing.

My son, Robert was busy, going thru Checklist details and responsibilities after father’s death.
He asked me to take care dog “Fang.” I promised him for just one month. He is a good dog.

Enjoy this moment…Life is so fleeting.
The time is now! I want to travel more if I don’t do it now, it’s too late.

6/01/18: “Stomper” Oakland A’s mascot
6/02/18: Visited my Ex-husband in the hospital
6/06/18: Shadelands Ranch Museum
6/07/18: My son’s father passed away
6/08/18: Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company
6/09/18: Gamelan Sekar Java at YBG
6/10/18: Orphaned dog arrived
6/17/18: North beach festival
6/20/18: Lightshow & Summer Solstice Concert
6/22/18: Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra
Mendelssohn, St. Paul Oratorio, Op. 36
6/24/18: SF Pride Parade
6/30/18: Pasados del Presidio

June  2018


Poignant old letters

Poignant old letters

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May – Poignant old letters
It has been over a month since I returned from Japan.
I found old letters from my parents. In one particular letter from my, both parents described an abundance of love for me. The letter made me cry so hard. My sister condemned me due to my lack of “filial piety” many years ago.  However, every parent loves their children unconditionally.
I only have one sibling (my brother) in Japan now, it’s a poignant reminder of the passing of time. Also, it created existential anxiety.

5/03/18: I created Cactus Pot Garden
5/06/18: SF Ballet ” Unbound A”
5/08/18: SF Botanical Garden
5/12/18: Mother’s Day
5/25/18: BART at Antioch Station
5/27/18: Carnaval San Francisco
5/30/18: Senior Prom Dance

May  2018

J-Town Cherry Blossom

J-Town Cherry Blossom

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Cherry Blossom Parade
I watched entire Northern California Cherry Blossom Grand Parade on April 22.
The grand marshal Kristi Yamaguchi with her two daughters, SF Mayor Mark Farrell, CA State Senator Scott Wiener, and District 5 Supervisor London Breed.
Hundreds of children from Rosa Parks Elementary School, highly successful Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP)
It was great opportunity to see/learn them and enjoy cultural festivities.

Train fare evasion
I lost my Clipper Card (all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area) because I was so distracted by watching many (8 of them) young black guys jump over the BART train fare gate (this is not a hurdles race). I am used to seeing it late night at Bay Point Station. In Japan, You will never see that type of behavior. Here, in California, some black parents themselves don’t know the morality. They have long been accustomed to behaving badly. The government must do something to break the bad cycle. It going to be a big culture change for them, and culture change is hard. (Don’t call me a racist, this is a fact)

About My Blog
My blog, only a few people see my blog. Search engines will not find my blog on trillions of websites. Still, it’s a meaningful scrapbook for me, and proof of being alive, that’s it.

I still think about my mother. She lived alone. Her life became meaningless. She actually told me that her life is so empty and no longer wish to live.
Now I am aged. I understand what she was feeling. I feel the same way quite often.
When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves. And that’s what I am doing after retirement.
I like one of Viktor Frankl quotes “What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him.”

No learning without humility.
No growth without pain.
No reward without risk.
No change without loss.

Travel to Japan

Travel to Japan

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I’m so glad that I finally went to Japan. Sightseeing was fun, however, I realized my physical limitation. I walked many kilometers at a fast pace every day. My calves are still hurting.
I’m glad my brother’s entire families are thriving and doing well. It’s good to see people I have not met before – such as my niece’s kids Yuuki & Atsuki, my nephew’s wife Nana and two kids Yura & Kanata. I remember I met Auntie Kiyoko & cousin Shigeko over 40 years ago.

I wish to express my utmost appreciation and gratefulness to my brother Kanji and his wife Kazuko. I stayed at their house from March 22 to 27 and April 2 to 5. Kazuko prepared 10 kinds of side dishes for breakfast every morning. Brother Kanji helped wash dishes at home.
I forgot to say to them “May I help you?” or “How can I help?” — I am too damn lazy, shame on me.
We went out many different restaurants for dinners so I can experience different cuisine.

I just love being pampered. In Japan, people are shy, so you initiate “ask help.” Due to my bilingual, I got all the help I needed from strangers in Japan. Thanks, everyone!

What I noticed in Japan:
1) Cleanliness – Everything is spotless. It’s Japan
2) An automated external defibrillator (AED) in many places. Just in case.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest
3) Kei-cars, the minicars (the engine must be 660cc or smaller ) sold almost exclusively in Japan. They could go around and do their daily chores with this car.
4) Ultra high tech in Rail system among others. Yet, very people-centric.
5) see/hear vocabulary “reform old house” in Japan.
That sounds very strange to my ears. I jokingly thought that these houses are criminals and need to be put them in halfway house (reform house, a reform school for juveniles etc.,) LOL  
I am used to seeing/ hearing “remodeling, renovation” in the good old USA.
Reform = to adapt to modern changes in social, political, and cultural life.
Restructure = to effect a fundamental change in (as an organization or system).
Remodel = “restore to a good state of repair.” “to change the structure or form of something
Renovation = is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure.
Refurbishment, on the other hand, implies a process of improvement by cleaning, decorating.

Also, Japanese people use many English vocabulary but they say it wrong. For example “buffet” (English pronunciation is bəˈfā where Japanese pronounce it Byuffe)

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese wear those masks? 
I had to ask my niece Megumi because she was wearing a mask all the time.
#1: She suffers from “Hay Fever.” She is allergic to cedar & cypress tree pollen. 25 million people (20% of the population) currently suffer from seasonal hay fever in Japan.
#2: Either you are sick or not wanting to get sick.
#3: Avoid Annoying People in public
#4: Too lazy for make-up.
#5: Fashion.
Click Link YouTube Video: Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

Travel to Japan  March 21 – April 5

🙂  Tokyo (Ueno, Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno)

🙂  Yokohama City (Chinatown, Marine Rouge Dinner Cruise, Sankei-en Garden, Minato Mirai)

🙂  Nagano prefecture (Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park, Zenkoji Temple, Sake tasting tour, Matsumoto Castle)

🙂  Gunma prefecture (Mizusawa Kannon, Ikaho Hot Spring, Mt. Haruna and Lake)

🙂  Commuter trains in Tokyo
Safe, convenient riding environment. Equipped with full-color LED displays, showing train information

😦   Years ago, I was furious about NBC Sports announcer.   😦   What she said was, ‘Japanese toilet is a hole.’ I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Way before that my house already had a Western-style toilet.  🙂

🙂  People are kind, considerate. Everything must be perfect, and high-quality.
I think the big fault of Japanese society is that women have no equality in the workplace – particularly Civil Servant job.

🙂  It’s a mystery to me for a few days.
“Please do not throw trash” however, I didn’t find any trash bins nearby.
You Recycle: Combustibles – Plastics – PET plastics – Alum cans – Glass bottles

🙂  My family in Japan. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and generosity.

Once upon a time,

Japan – Once upon a time,

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I just got home today (April 5th) from Japan.

Japan is very clean, beautiful, and high-tech. Therefore I felt somehow complicated. It becomes so easy after you try once.
My sister-in-law gave me my old picture on China plate that she found while cleaning my parent’s empty house. It reminded me of most exciting time in my life. It was totally new generation era. I experienced a bit of carefree and eclectic lifestyle.
That my youthfulness is gone now.
Well, youthfulness is a state of mind, youthfulness is an attitude. . . So, I like to feel new vitality, stay curious and excited about life. And, I am trying to mark off my bucket lists.

I met my brother’s family, we had a splendid time; one to be remembered by all who were there.
uh-oh, I forgot to mention that this beautiful family collage was created by Nana (my brother’s oldest son’s wife)

Japan – wonderful gifts,

Philosophical Attitude

March – Philosophical Attitude

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I’d been complaining about my ruined Birthday in January. I think I have unresolved inner conflict. I need to “let it go…”

I read an article somewhere, It’s said ” Pipe City’s inhabitants are discouraged, lonely, filled with a terrible feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Some of them have learned that a philosophical attitude helps, to make concrete either soft or warm!”

What is Pipe City?
The story of Pipe City (from OMCA website Posted by Alexis Madrigal)
In the winter of 1932-1933, the Bay, like the rest of the country, was deep in the Depression. In cities across America, the homeless gathered into encampments. Oakland’s most famous was Pipe City also known as Miseryville. Roughly 200 men were allowed to live in sections of unused sewer pipes by the American Concrete and Steel Pipe Company.

The camp had a kind of underground government headed by an elected mayor, Dutch Jensen, who administered the area, distributing food and work, and preventing drinking, fighting, and “political” talk. Pipe City became a model for Upton Sinclair’s novel Co-Op: A Novel of Living Together and served as a launching pad for the Unemployed Exchange Association, a remarkable attempt to build a barter economy in Oakland.

At the end of the winter, the company who owned them found a buyer for the pipes, and the residents cleaned up and dispersed.

3/01/18: Drove 180 miles in the heavy storm
3/02/18: Took Cellphone private lesson
3/04/18: Volunteer to clean up the street
3/04/18: Oakland Museum of California
3/05/18: Lunch with my former BofA associate
3/06/18: A bone stuck in my throat, emergency hospital
3/08/18: SF Ballet. Frankenstein
3/18/18: Branden & James Concert
3/21/18: Fly to Tokyo from San Francisco

Photo Gallery – March 2018 events of everyday life


February  Workout

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I start going to Planet Fitness, used my “DeskCycle – Bikepedal exerciser” at home, also start my own diet. I lost 7 lbs. My blood pressure went down.

2/04/18: SF Ballet. Sleeping Beauty
2/07/18: Visit Dentist. Fair Oaks
2/23/18: Senior Health Expo. Concord
2/27/18: Noontime Concert. SF
2/27/18: 49 Geary Art Galleries. SF
2/27/18: Venus de Milo sculpture. SF

Photo Gallery – February 2018 events of everyday life