What Should I Do With My Life Now?

This economic downturn – fewer jobs, less disposable income, rising prices – I am already depressed.  I would like to find a reasonably satisfying job. I don’t know what it is. I need fulfillment, connection, responsibility … and some excitement in job.

Since I am unable to find a job, now I am attending ROP (Regional Occupational Programs – provided by Contra Costa County Office of Education) in Pleasant Hill, CA. It is life saver for me. It is excellent place to study Web Design and MS-Office suite. They provide state-of-the-art learning equipments and nominal lab fees.

Due to budget cuts, the class was dismantled..

5 thoughts on “What Should I Do With My Life Now?

    • Thanks Zen. My exit day at ROP is Aug. 7. I must find something to keep busy after that. I like your blog site. It is beautiful and well organized. I don’t quite understand WordPress yet. Everything has steep learning curve.

  1. Hisako, what you write about is so true and unfair to so many hardworking people.
    Let’s hope things are going to get better soon.

    The ROP in Sacramento does not seem to offer the same quality of classes as yours.
    I love the look of your blog.

    Love and best wishes for better days for all of us.


    • Hi Nirmala, thank you for your thought. I have forgotten about wordpress blog. I finally able to find password. I am not qualified as blogger because I even don’t remember I had wordpress blog. Sorry for comments I didn’t see for long time.
      Love you,

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