Painting a rosy or smoky retirement?

Many people don’t have to worry about it, may be. My case, I retired in worst time. My pensions, 401K, and other investments evaporated. It is not OK with me because I don’t have a 20-year time horizon for retirement.

Falling home value? Let’s me talk about it. I recently received Property Value Notification Letter from County Office of Assessor.  My house worth less than half compared to a few years ago.

A few years ago, when I heard words such as my net worth, asset, equity… it had beautiful sound. Now I get goose bump.

Many senior citizens are dealing with a lot of problems. As I mentioned falling home values, retirement savings with dramatic losses and soaring health care costs. Luckily, I don’t take any medications, but I still worry about major illness that might happen in the near future.

Once upon a time (actually it was in mid-1980), Prices were affordable because the dollar was worth its full value. Employment was abundant, and I received many calls from head-hunters every week. I am telling you the truth.


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