Call me Racist

Call Me a Racist, if you want

First of all, I apologize to a person (I don’t want name him, let’s me call him cognitive-elite) for my email comment that might offended him.

I came to America with no racial prejudice and I stayed that way for many years. I felt really sorry for what many blacks in America had to/having facing injustice.

Eighty percent of the American population is white anglo-centric people, so talking about politics, economics, social, moral standard are based on that majority rules. Everything is in their favor. We minority has little opportunity and advantage. Yes America is great country however it is natural to have many problems because its huge country and so many different ethnic groups co-exist. I am from homogeneous, tiny island called Japan. Things are much simpler there except un-written, un-spoken complex social rules.

I haven’t lived in various geographical area of United States, therefore I really don’t know what blacks means to me. I met a few vibrant black middle class families, and young black professionals. That’s all.

I’ve hearing about crimes committed by blacks on news and other media everyday, which start making me wondering why it is happening and nobody (specially their parents) doing nothing to stop them.

I guess there is no  single solution to this complex subject.

Recently, I think I start to judge people as groups (white, black, Asian etc.) That is bad thing. Because stereotypes are perpetuated by the unknown and fueled by assumptions that have little basis in truth, I should not think all blacks are … or all Caucasian are … or all Asians are…

I would like to list some of concerns here. It may be thought-provoking.


I stop watching local TV news because too many violent crimes in Oakland and Richmond area. I am angry, sick and tired of the violence that has no stopping.

Blacks represent about 13 – 14% of the general population, but they make up nearly half of murder victims. (Oakland and Richmond both are 36% black population)

Many young kids commit petty crimes whether black or white. White kids were released immediately however black kids were handcuffed and taken away. No wonder why they become habitual criminal.


So many American children are growing up with absent fathers, and a disproportionate number of them are black. Those children are at higher risk of falling into lives of poverty and crime and becoming parents themselves in their teenage years.

You may remember Obama’s Father’s Day speech that he asked fathers to step up.  I am glad Obama said that. I didn’t like Rev. Jesse Jackson said “Talking down to blacks, wants to “Cut his ***”. What wrong with Rev. Jackson. He is just like many other people to turn blind eyes.

It is a long way toward dispelling the notion that most black families are dysfunctional blends headed by welfare-dependent baby mamas.

Oh! I was surprised by one of TV program I watched. It was documentary case study of how black children think about themselves and their race. Black kindergartners were shown drawing of black and white person. Almost all of children answered that black person is bad and not pretty. I couldn’t imagine this. All of kindergartners were very cute and beautiful. I guess we don’t think things objectively. We are comparing to White beauty as subject.

Again, please understand that many black families are pouring a lot of love and good moral standard to their kids and family as whole.

Change begins at home.


Barely more than half of black kids are graduating from high school.

I heard and read about reason for poor academic successes among blacks are due to receiving horrible educations from the public school system. That’s might be true, poor city has little money and rich city has more money goes to school district.

I think school system is not 100% responsible. My elementary school had statue of young child who carrying a load of firewood on his back and a book in his hand. He suffered great hardship in his life yet retained an indomitable will to learn. His statue reminds today’s schoolchildren that learning and hard work are inseparable. Another story is child could not use candle to read a book because family is too poor. In the summer, learning, reading after a long day’s toil only by the light of the fireflies (of course, light of moonshine on the snow thru the window in the winter)

One of TV program I watched shocked me. It was about black students who excel in academic. Those students are shunned by black peer, why? Because being smart is so called “white” thing. I can not believe that. This type of thinking must be changed.

I remember vaguely about Oakland councilwoman said to young black audience to study hard because other minority groups are climbing success ladder due to higher education. She got criticism but I think she is right. Students of Ashkenazi-Jewish and East or South Asian ancestry are over-represented among the educational successes, while students of West African ancestry are over-represented among the educational failures.

Many immigrant families sacrifice their life to educate their children. I, myself could not read/write English when I came to United States. My living condition was horrible and I had to raise my son alone. I was thinking suicide every second. I needed to change my life and I start taking Calculus and then to other math/science classes. I had to look at dictionary for almost every word in text book. I may have two or three hours of sleep every day. Even after I got good job I had problem in English. For example, finance term “instrument” I only know meaning such as piano, violin instead of financial products.  Investment term “derivative” for me it mean slope of a curve or rate of change instead of future contract or option. Yes, I suffered.


I like to point out the long history of blacks facing racially disparate treatment at the hands of a supposedly colorblind judicial system.

One other thing black men are vulnerable to is racism. I mean White racism. I enjoyed watching TV, black New Yorker visited total stranger white family in Alabama then white family visited black family. When they got to know each other they only see person beyond skin color. The reason for racism is simply wrong information implanted in his head since the birth. It is learned behavior from environment. Many people do prejudge about other people or things by instinct of learned behavior.

Obama to NAACP speech was good.

“The pain of discrimination is still felt in America”

“Even as we inherit extraordinary progress that cannot be denied; even as we marvel at the courage and determination of so many plain folks – we know that too many barriers still remain,”


Unemployment rate climbed high – I don’t have a job either, joblessness among blacks is higher than any other ethnic group.

Minority to Collective Majority

All of our nation’s achievements and problems are not for specific ethnic group in near future because there are more and more people see beyond skin color and we are transitioning to biracial norms.

My Conclusion

Yes, discrimination still exists. I experienced discrimination time to time. But look, you have control over your future. It is time for accountability and responsibility.

Like Obama said “No one has written your destiny for you. Your destiny is in your hands — and don’t you forget that,”

Mom and dad please look in your children’s eyes and tell them they’re special, and that you’re proud of them and that they can succeed. I have a small dog, and tell him “I love you. You are good boy” many times every day. Even dog need that positive assurance.

I haven’t done much of volunteer work, shame on me.

I have seen bit of TV screen  here and there shown so many black people are working hard in their communities for improvements. They are wonderful assets for the country. They are mentor, and inspiring new generation.

2 thoughts on “Call me Racist

  1. An outsanding view, I as a minority also see the same
    culture. This country is great, but Media is selling more crime for their ratings. People have become brain washed with “neo-conservitism”, I say that good and outstanding people should stand and stop accepting this trend.

    Keep these type articles coming Hisako, you have both great God given talent, you can build Great Websites and write with great fluency.

    Thanks for sharing these toughts with us.

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