Pathetic (Nasakenai) Japanese men

I wonder What Japan’s future hold? I’m not talking about BBC article, talking about pathetic Japanese men. I do understand pressure, but hey so does everyone. Japan need to import men from overseas who possess intelligent and love of Japanese culture more than ever.

BBC article entitled “Is Japan a Dying Nation?
Here is bit of excerpt:
The population of Japan will have halved by the end of the century.
It is, literally, a country that is slowly dying. – – –

I’m no social psychologist, so I wouldn’t dare to come up with an explanation for why Japanese couples aren’t having enough babies. But one theory is that Japanese women are increasingly reluctant to marry, because they think Japanese men have shown themselves unable to adapt to the needs of a new, more flexible society – and have retreated into a fantasy world of comics, video games and animated pornography where they feel less threatened.

(read the rest at BBC)

This article has been picked up by Japanese media then itai News (“itai” means “Ouch!”)   and other website did some translation.

Here is some of translated blog thread:
– Make reality more interesting than games please.
– Yeah I can live on games alone.
– If everybody became obsessed with games then we would live in a peaceful society.
– What’s the point of increasing the population of this resourced starved narrow country.
– I tried to fight with reality but failed so many times.
– Reality does not want to deal with me you idiot.
– The world in the monitor is reality. The world we live in is just imaginary.
– To be honest, I don’t want a (real) woman.
– Love Plus is reality.
– But in reality women don’t want to marry us unless we earn more than 10 million yen  (100,000 USD) per year.
– There are too many Japanese people anyway so decreasing the population would be just right.
– But the 2D world is ideal.
– Oh and its OK to be obsessed with movies and books then?
– My (2D) girlfriend is Aika-san. She lets me meet her whenever I want and greets me with a smile if I forget a date – and she does not cost money. Thats all I need.
– His words are racist.
– OK then – hows this for reality?
– I’m 30 and earn 3.5 million yen (35K USD) – how am I supposed to get married?
– Why is somebody from a declining country (England) telling me this?
– The decline of the population has nothing to do with games or manga.
– My partner is Hatsune Miku. I would do anything for her and we are thinking of having kids.
– I tried to face reality and it became Love Plus.
– We must fight reality!
– The problem is that dolphin waxing feels good.
– I cant see the merits of getting married – all I see are demerits.
– When sexaroids become reality, humans will become extinct.
– Blaming Japanese men is not going to solve anything.
– Those who face reality risk suicide.
– They should make a game for the DS called “lets face society”
– A country of Neets (England) being worried about Japan?
– Not sure about England but the hurdle to getting married over the past 20 years in Japan is gone up too high – socially and financially.
– Unless there are more job positions then I cant face reality.
– Can’t trust women – will just be worried about her having an affair – cant be bothered with that.
– Women are not attractive to me anymore. I can wash my clothes with a push of a button and can eat from a convenience store. As long as I can clean up, I don’t see the reason for feeding a money sucking worm (wife).
– People don’t get married because they know that life is over when they do.
– Japan is on the decline because women prefer good looking men with money.
– Girls in games wont cheat on us.
– The solution is to make reality in games.
– I’m too busy with work to think about getting married.
– Getting married and having kids is happiness?
– Working like a slave and then dying after getting married – no thanks.
– I’m living off 2.1 million yen. If I don’t read manga or anime then I just cant go on.
-Solution is simple – make it so that anime and manga characters can get pregnant.

 And the other 2507 comments at Itai News which currently end in “Lets go down together England!”

11 thoughts on “Pathetic (Nasakenai) Japanese men

  1. I would not have thought that a nation can be evaluated by its degree of fecundity. 🙂 When I was born, the world population was under 2 billion, compared to well over 6 billion today–so perhaps lower birth rates may be a good thing?
    “Lets go down together England!” — Well, Britain as an empire went down relatively peacefully. According to Johan Galtung, whose prognostications have so far been remarkably accurate, the US will “go down” by 2020. If so, we shall soon see how peaceful the process will be…

    • David,
      Thanks for new vocabulary “fecundity” for me.
      1. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful.
      2. The intellectual productivity of a creative imagination.

      “The Fall of the US Empire, in which he predicts the collapse of the American empire in ten years, by 2020.” To me, it’s hard to imagine. US still have vast natural resources. I agree $1 trillion should be used peace/security/preserving earth/health instead of war.

  2. Well, with regards to the population decline, that is the same in almost the entire “developed world” – as you can clearly see from the map. Almost all of the Americas, Europe, and a large part of Asia are all in the 0-3 children category. It is only in places like Africa where people still have lots of children, and a lot of that is likely due to the lack of birth control, etc.
    The translations of all those short sentences seems a little goofy – were those google translations? But before simply blaming the men, look at the kinds of things they are saying. It sounds like a lot of them have had bad experiences with relationships, and if that is the case, then some of the blame must fall on the women for causing those bad memories. It shouldn’t be forgotten that relationships involve 2 people, and it is seldom the fault of just one when the relationship breaks down. This article seems to over-simplify the issue.

  3. To Audioscapist
    Japanese blog is on mobile, that’s why short text. Blog was posted from 9/29/2009 tile 12/18/2009 duration of 3 months and total 4,365 posts. Most of them are 2D world enthusiast.
    I haven’t lived in Japan for last 40 years, so that I can not say how Japanese men have changed. What I can get by reading from blogs are:
    1. May be small number of population who escaped to 2D world. (Japan’s total population is 127 million – How many are 2D lovers ???)
    2. Household chore – modern convenience. Men no longer need wife to cook/clean for him. Everything is just one push of button nowadays.
    3. Women have earning power. They don’t need to rely on men.
    4. Global financial crisis, worst since WWII. Many people have been laid off.
    5. Concept of “saving face” has also collapsed.
    Men and women both no longer worry about “sekentei” (Saving face or social appearance that causes an individual to worry about others’)
    6. American men still eager to enlist military for the country. Japan prohibits an act of war. So men don’t have any idea of saving own country if in case war happens. Japan will perish some day.
    6. Your point about “relationships involve 2 people” is so valid. However human communication is getting harder. It is same as in here (USA).
    I must say one good thing about Japanese people. They live quite peacefully and high standard in every way, even they don’t have natural resources, and live in clumped/small country.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. England is not a declining country. It is not even a country!
    First: the country is called the “United Kingdom” (of Great Britain & N Ireland)
    Second: we no longer have an empire
    i.e. don’t use military might to dominate other countries.
    Third: GDP per head has risen steadily
    since 1950 (1,600 pounds) to 2009 (5,000 pounds) after adjusting for inflation.
    We may longer be a world power but ordinary people are far better off. If the US loses it’s “Empire” maybe Americans will benefit.

  5. I thought blog was hilarious. It entertained me. At same time, I had feeling of despair.

    I read original blog written in Japanese. Japanese language is different from English and I can feel nuance in Japanese blog where translated version unable to do.

    I know they shouldn’t target BBC article writer. Is that strange when people feel offended then they use inaccurate labeling of England.

    Thanks for valuable info.

  6. Dear Ms. Hisako

    Your blog is great. I really enjoyed reading it….. I lived in Asian for about four years and traveled to japan on occassion. I love the asian cultures which show respect for elderly, love of children, and concern for the community. Please don’t be to hard on japanese men, life is difficult and full of pressure for Japanese men to conform as you well know. Limited tolerance for individual expressions of freedom.

    You mention your were trained as geshia for a short time …. doesn’t this training happen for women when they are younger?

    thank you for amazing blog
    richard sparacio

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