Belated Mother’s day

My son was very sick on 5/13/12. Today (5/19/12) he and his wife came to my house and we celebrated belated Mother’s day. He was dead tired from working 6am to 9pm yesterday, going to crime scene and a lot of forensic works. He now appreciates my hard work and sacrifices I made to raising him alone. We went out for lunch then he fixed dishwasher and other things for me. Thanks for the flowers too.

Nowadays it is a rather commercial holiday in Japan, however, when I was a little we were taught to “Honor & Praise Mothers”. All children who have a mother put red carnation corsage and white carnation for who doesn’t have a mother. My heart ached when I saw some children had white carnations.

Last week (on actual Mother’s day), I was feeling lonely because I had to spend Mother’s day alone. So I watched video “La Traviata” recorded live from The Royal Opera House. I cried so hard at the end of Act 3. Then again, I watched another “La Traviata”. This is a film-opera version produced by Franco Zeffirelli. I’ve cried enough for one day.

Here, Tina took pictures of me.

Note: Click any of below pictures to open photo gallery. To exit from gallery, click tiny white x mark located at the upper-left corner of the screen or any empty black area.


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