Halloween Masquerade parties – 2012

I am a devil. I know I don’t look devil. Devil horns, tail, and pitchfork are on the table

PETA against fur coats ?

I am a Republican for a day. I may shoot a moose tomorrow with Sarah Palin.

My full length Mink Fur Coat.


I attended many “Dinner & Dance” parties this month.

Ninfa and Joe: Thank you for an OKTOBERFEST ticket. Enjoyed it. Does anyone know meaning of name Ninfa? “sea nymph.”

Doctor told me to lose at least 10 lbs ! ! ! (actually I gained 22 lbs.) Why Did I Suddenly Gain So Much Weight? I had houseguests during July and August. We kept eating non-stop.

“Ten takaku uma coyuru aki” This is a Japanese phrase to say the splendor of the autumn season and is the season of the crop that the horses get fat.

I was (almost) always skinny no matter how much I eat. NOT ANYMORE.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠  ♠ 

My son as Adam Ant

My son as Adam Ant

Tina and cousin

Tina and cousin

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