Dancing away to glory (or to December?)

Thanksgiving Dinner at my son’s house in Roseville, CA.

2013 Thanksgiving

2012 Thanksgiving

My daughter-in-law, Tina did all decorations and setting the tables, her mother, Daisy did all the cooking, and I did all the cleaning plus rode AMTRK trains.

I think my son has chubby face compared to picture taken six months ago. Also, I can tell he is dealing with  a lot of stress, it all written on his face.  . . . . . . . . . (_)

Me ?  No stress, No pressure, No anxiety, and No life partner. That means I AM HAPPY (??? I’d like to think so.) (*^_^*)
One problem is that I gained 20 lbs. during this year (mainly August & September).  (>_<)

Thanksgiving Day Photo Gallery

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This is my ad. (not on craigslist) horseback riding

  •  I’m looking for Horseback riding lessons by private person who owns the horse and “NOT” the instructor but love the horse.  (I don’t like to go to Equestrian)
  •  Maybe 3 lessons
    (My objective is to feel comfortable and able to direct a few commands)
  •  Less than $50/hour
    (I’m retiree, I no longer have handsome (?) salary)

I hope someone will consider giving me riding lessons with a reasonable hourly rate. Thanks.



  •  I’m looking for  Tea Dance (1:00 – 3:30 pm) dance partner
  •  I’m a beginner, I need expert Ballroom/Latin dancer who can lead me
  •  I cannot hear the music well but I can follow you
  •  People tell me that I dance beautifully
  • No charge

I hope someone respond to this ad. Thanks.


 (*^_^*)  November is over  (*^_^*)  

I am looking forward to December. I have already made a few reservations for activities.

Dec. 5 : Christmas Show Extravaganza Featuring Joni Morris

Joni Morris

Joni Morris

Joni Morris has traveled nationally for the past 15 years with her band. The After Midnight Band. You will love her tributes to the music of Patsy Cline, Connie Francis and the Legendary Ladies in Country Music. Joni will delight you with the songs of the season that will put you in the holiday mood. She also includes comedy , costume changes and some of her own original music. Dressed in costumes ranging from buckskins and tassels to glittering, sequined gowns, Joni Morris invites you to, as Patsy Cline used to say , “Just let your hair down and let’s see what you look like!” There will be a hosted three course meal.

[Update: 12/07/2012]  What did I think of it?

For me, it wasn’t worth the money I paid. I guess because I’m not country music fan. “After Midnight Band” was good.

Dec. 16 : Beach Blanket Babylon

Perk up your holidays at ‘The most fun of any show, any where ‘ and the nation’s longest running musical revue. You will bend in laughter with the hilarious spoofs of the elections-winners and losers, pop culture, spectacular costumes, outrageously gigantic hats, and one show-stopping number after another. Delight in Snow White’s fast-paced musical journey around the world in search of her ‘Prince Charming’ as she encounters a line-up of humorous political and pop culture characters, including the newly elected President, the Governor, Louis XIV, Oprah and others. Enjoy a drive thru tour of North Beach and a late Lunch on your own, holiday shopping, or local church visits prior to the performance. Don’t miss out on the holiday fun and frolic with this show.

[Update: 12/17/2012]  What did I think of it?

It was fun! I had early dinner at DeLucchi just before the show. 

At Caffe Delucchi, located in the heart of North Beach at the intersection of Columbus and Stockton. There is an extra line on the end of the check that reads “Healthcare” or “Healthy San Francisco Surcharge.” This fee allows restaurateurs to help pay for the city’s health care program. Well I must say, S.F. is always thinking of something progressive ideas (where no other city has gone before) into municipal ordinances.

I sported a Mohawk hairstyle (lay ponytail on center of head, bring it down to near forehead) Oh well, rain messed up my Mohawk. Now I look like 90 years old.

Beach Blanket Babylon

Beach Blanket Babylon

Dec. 18 : Cable Car Holiday Lights Tour, Union Square & Shopping

Clang, clang, clang, and merrily sing-a-long on our traditional San Francisco Cable Car Holiday Lights Tour. We will start our tour with a visit to S.F. City Hall to view the Tree of 1,000 Cranes and learn the touching story of a child. Then onto Union Square to visit the St. Francis Hotel to see the Giant Ginger Bread Castle, with time for lunch on your own (you may want to make a reservation) At 5:00 p.m. we board the Classical Cable Car to visit the brightly holiday lighted and decorated Union Square, Fillmore Street, Union Street, Pacific Heights with their awesome mansions, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, The Embarcadero Center and Civic Center. Snuggle under a warm blanket (and you can bring your own) as we sing Carols and tour the lovely sights. It’s enough to warm the heart of even ole Scrooge!

[Update: 12/17/2012]  What did I think of it?

It cancelled due to not having enough participants. I accidentally booked two events for this day. One was this one and another was Tea Dance Christmas Party. I gave away Tea Dance ticket. Then following day I received Cable Car Holiday Lights Tour Cancellation notice. Lucky me! My former BofA associate called me this morning to go out for dinner tomorrow night.

Dec.31 :  New Years Eve: Dinner & Dance

My dress for the Dance

My dress for the Dance

I’ve already paid. This is local (Concord) event.

Too bad, it is not a New Year’s Eve Black & White Ball in the City (SF) . . .

Well, I may attend Dance in Walnut Creek on Dec. 26 instead (as consolation), – Theme is  Auld Lang Syne (Black & White Ball) . I had bought a dress for that occasion. I haven’t try it on yet – because of my weight gain, hope it looks good on me.

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