A look back at 2012

Dec. 25  Christmas Day


With Karen

Thinking about food and it didn’t occur to me to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I had very special flavored Christmas dinner that Karen made. She re-created what her mother used to cook. Karen and Gary thank you for wonderful hospitality.

Gary I noticed on your face, found memories of your wife relived again when Karen was talking about her mother.


Dec. 26 Dance Party Photo Gallery

Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve Gala Photo Gallery

A look back at 2012

As you can see from my blog post, I have no blog entry after Sep. 2010 till Jan. 2012. What had happened to me? One thing is that I felt extreme sadness. I guess it’s called “Mono no aware” in Japanese. It is meaning literally ‘sensitivity to things’ or ‘the pathos of things.’ Many people really cared, concerned about me and my well being. Thanks to my neighbor, friends, and acquaintances. I told story about those people to my counselor (I met him only 3 times) He almost fell off from his chair and he said that I am truly special lady. David, Bobby & Maria, Rich, Poonam, Christine, and many others  thanks for your emotional/mental support.
Anyway, in January 2012, I decided to take control of my life. Rich said; “Just Do It … Like Nike says.” So, what did I do?

yellow-roseJanuary 2012: Birthday Photo Session

Jan. 2012 My 66 Birthday

66th Birthday

I decided to take conventional and non-conventional photos of me. I put a lot of eye makeup I learned ‘how to’ from YouTube prior night. I don’t care what other people think about me any more when my behaviors that do not conform to social norms. I comply with legal obligations, but not other people’s expectations. I am no longer young – my life is my business now.

yellow-roseMarch 2012: Paper Doll Making

Paper Dolls - My creation

Paper Dolls – My creation

I wasn’t ready to socialize yet, so I took ‘Paper Doll Making’ class at Japan Town in SF.  The name, Anesama, literally means ‘honorable elder sister’ but it is also used to name 3D washi ningyo (paper dolls). Shiori ningyo is the flat, folded paper dolls. These dolls do not have facial features, as casual images are not given identities. As a result, the dolls are believed to have no life and no power to harm humans.

music-noteMay 2012: Start Dancing !


Thanks to Nick & Eiko for giving me private dance lessons. You are great!
I start going to afternoon Tea Dance at senior centers. There are no single men who are not attached to any partners, mostly married senior couples. I am fortunate because women (wives) seem to look after me. I start gain more confidence in Dancing and Socializing because they made me feel welcome there.

flower_rosesbowJune 2012:  de Young Museum

Jean Paul GaultierOne of my acquaintance took me to de Young Museum to see: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. This dynamic, multimedia exhibition included 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs created between the mid-1970s and 2010. His Haute Couture collections, were very formal yet at the same time unusual and playful.  I was seduced by his creativity.

flower_rosesbowJuly, August 2012: House guests

Mike & Rose

Mike & Rose

Rose is like a twin sister to me. Mike lost over 70 lbs. in China. While their stay at my house, we dined out almost everyday. At home, we kept eating Chinese peanuts from morning to night. In addition, Mike loves desserts and we had Ice Cream and other sweets 3 times a day. I start gain weight. They went back to China to teach English. I thought I can lose extra weight in a few days. No, No, I couldn’t. (cry)

flower_rosesbowSeptember 2012: No more Sig….

ikebana-4I will not smoke again. I know I can succeed.  When the urge to smoke hits, I eat. When I am bored or lonely I think about smoking. Smoking was such a constant companion it was an activity in and of itself. I promised myself I will not smoke again. I said that already.

flower_rosesbowOctober 2012: Outdoorsy stuff

Winning Jockey & me

Winning Jockey & me

In California, most of the time the blue sky is infinitely high and crystal clear.
I love October Sky. Why? You’ll see beautiful clouds, it makes gorgeous embellishments for the skies.
It was fabulous month for me doing outdoorsy stuff. I enjoyed Horse Races, and attending several fundraising functions.

 flower_rosesbowNovember 2012: Thanking Nature for blessings

My son & me

My son & me

Tina, Daisy, and my son Thanks for great dinner!!!

To:  My dear son,
With all my Love.
From your Mother

music-noteDecember 2012: Keep Dancing !


Maxine & Tom

My friend’s friend started local “meetup” group Bay Area Social Dancing for Singles and Couples Maxine is organizer and ballroom dancing is her passion. Already one hundred members in just 4 weeks.
I thought I need to step out sheltered comfort zone (Tea Dance), therefore, I joined this group.
It is fun to spend the evening dancing with live music. I am still new to social scene, I tend to “hide behind Maxine’s skirt”, so to speak.

I only know a few steps, however, I love to dance. Elegance of Waltz. Passion of Tango. Sensuality of Rumba. Oh… I wish I had a good dance partner.


♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

I must think about New Year’s resolution… I know one thing for sure. Lose extra fat I gained this year.

January - My B-Day

January – My B-Day

January is my birthday month. Should I take my Birthday pictures?  No!!!  I don’t look like myself anymore. My extreme weight gain causing problems.

I already booked two activities around my birthday next month. These are  Afternoon Tea at the Palace (Jan. 19)  and  Academy of Science (Jan. 23).


Afternoon Tea at the Palace (Jan 19)


Garden-Court. Palace Hotel, SF

Experience the elegance and tradition of afternoon tea in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel.  Since the early 1900’s, guests have been enjoying elegant tea service in the Garden Court.  Immerse yourself in the romance and charm of a turn-of-the century grandeur and heritage. Fine china and silver service present delicate tea sandwiches, homemade scones, Devonshire cream, lemon curd and rose petal jam. Relax and sip a variety of teas-from classic blends to creative infusions.

I had a few lunch at Palace Hotel when I was working at Crocker Bank. It located only one block away. – (Crocker despaired a long time ago. It was taken over by Wells Fargo bank)

Academy of Science (Jan 23)


Shake House

Prepare to be Moved! Don’t miss EARTHQUAKE, a major new exhibit and planetarium show exploring the seismic science that has shaped Earth’s evolution and continues to impact our lives today. Audio self guided tour and new Planetarium show that journeys through the San Andreas fault and delves into the earth’s core.




One thought on “A look back at 2012

  1. Dear Hisako
    It is alway a pleasure to read your blog. Your life sounds so full of activity and friends. Keep dancing and thank you for sharing with your blogging.


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