Farewell Bobby – only 52

Bobby    Age 52

Bobby Age 52

A Tribute to the Life of Robert Thomas
On Feb. 7.  Open-casket viewing at funeral chapel. I just sat there over an hour, listening to music, and watching slideshow of his life repeatedly. I could left there immediately, but some reason, I wanted to stay and immerse myself in his life. I left there after I felt peaceful and accepting his death.

On Feb. 8. I attended Funeral Mass at Church. The service was full of solemn atmospheres. A lot of tears.

Especially, summer of 2010 and 2011, he brought a cup of coffee and French Croissant in the morning every week  and told me many jokes. He was sick but he worried about my depression more than his illness.  I have been asking him numerous help mainly computer problems. He helped me every technical problems without hesitation.

He loved all kind of animals and adopted many. He loved his family so much. Bobby and his family treated me like a family member. I was invited to birthday parties, and frequently one of family member run down (4 doors away) to my house to knock my door and tell me to come over for special dinners or taking me to casino or restaurants.

Bobby has eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, and most of all he care about people around him.

Bobby’s mother, father, two brothers, two sisters, his wife  Maria, his children  Arvie, and Little Bobby. I am really sorry for your loss.

February 9, 2013

tom-me-at-moose Maxine posted this photo in our ‘meetup’ group website.
me: Tom, thank you for dancing with me and teaching me ECSwing. It was fun & joy to watch you & Maxine danced WCSwing. Someday, I’ll dance just like you & Maxine.
Tom: Thanks Lisa. I really like this picture of us dancing. I look so happy and you look so sultry.

We (Tom, Maxine, and me) went to Yountville (47 miles away) for special afternoon dance. After that, we went to Concord Moose Lodge for Dinner & Dance. Full of fun day.

February 21, 2013  Fabulous Red & White Ball

Round Hill Country Club in Alamo.



Good food, service, and music. Most men wore White Coat, Red Bow Tie, and Red Hankie. Women wore elegant evening dress. I saw Chuck only once at Rossmoor and we never talked or danced. However, this time he was very attentive to me (he had no choice because he was setting next to me). I like attention, so we flirted (I guess men have different intention behind it than mine).  Even in my dotage,  I  get attention from men and women, they like something about me even though I am so fat now. Maxine said to me on the way home, “You are man-magnet. The men love dancing with you”.  Thanks.  (Well, but I don’t know why I never had a boyfriend in last decade? I predict that I never will. )
However, we are all sexual beings from birth. Whether I am sexually active or not, I possess a gender identity, a sexual orientation, fantasies, feelings of attraction, and a need for intimacy.  Indirect or suggestive advances (flirting or coquetry) is considered acceptable within the rules of social etiquette, right? I am YES to Flirting for fun, NOT READY for Flirting with intent.

2/21/2013 Chuck, me, Tom, Maxine @ Round Hill Country Club in Alamo

2/21/2013:  Chuck, me, Tom, Maxine @ Round Hill Country Club in Alamo

***** Change Subjects *****

I like to see  “Jimmy Carter” on Feb. 24th at Commonwealth Club SF, but already sold out. I know I never have a chance, but if I do, it will be very significant event in my life to see and hear Ex-President Jimmy Carter speak. I respect him tremendously. He is my hero.

***** Change Subjects again*****

Maria knocked my door and asked me to come over to her house for lunch. Her mom cooked delicious Philippine dishes.

She is holding up well despite rough time. Maria and her late husband Bobby played all kind of games. She wanted teach me card game ‘21’, usually I say to her “No”. But this time I said “Yes”. I knew she wanted memories of Bobby playing game. We used white chips – each chip worth 1 million. We laughed at ridiculous monetary values. Laughing and crying simultaneously, it was fun. My dear Maria, it’s okay to cry anytime…  I said “Gee, I lost 5 million again.” She told me that it is bad karma to think about losing money in gamble. Yeah, right.

Maria, it is painful, but I know you’ll handle it well.

*** Overall Feb. 21st was good karma day ***

February 27, 2013


2/27/2013 Diablo Singles Dance

2/27/2013 Diablo Singles Dance

It was fun, enjoyed dance and people there.

This is “Diablo Singles Dance Club” once a month event. The theme of this event was to “wear GREEN”. I know many people there from other venues, some I haven’t met before. When people introduce themselves to me then I reply like “Please call me Lisa. It is my Yankee name that the US government gave me for free.”

I always used my Japanese given name in schools and business. Now I am a retiree and it doesn’t matter, you may call me Lisa or Hisako (but not Jane Doe).

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