Adopting a puppy

puppy-in-crate6/8/2013: Adopted a puppy

I am overwhelmed by taking care of this abandoned puppy. I just post photos of things happened during the month of June. I WILL GET BACK FOR DETAILS.

ps: She is not housebroken dog …  She does not know any commands … I don’t think she is a maltipoo …


06/3o update:

I named her PUMPKIN. She behaves like any healthy puppy that means she drives me crazy and I’m almost at my breaking point. (well, it’s getting better after 3 weeks). She hasn’t connect dots POTTY=OUTSIDE, So I must take her to backyard and stay with her every so often.

Frankly, I think PUMPKIN is ugly; however, it is of no concern to me. once I became her mother I love her regardless.

My dear friend Ann spends a lot of her time, energy, effort, and love try saving abandoned dogs. Her e-mail footnote says, “Saving just one pet won’t change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one pet.” Now you know that I couldn’t say “No” to her for this puppy.

 June Photo Gallery  


6/2 – 7 /2013: My son stayed at my house while attending Firearm training at nearby town Clayton

6/7/2013: SF City Hall Rotunda
mexBallet Folklórico Netzahualcoyotl (Mexico – Zacatecas) WORLD PREMIERE
Don’t miss this colorful, percussive dance from Zacatecas, Mexico, which has both Spanish and indigenous Nahuatl origins. This processional piece, performed to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe, features dancers in magnificent hats, spinning in lines, and marking time with clapping sandals, clicking beads, and gourd rattles.

brazil-danceFogo Na Roupa Performing Company (Brazil) WORLD PREMIERE
In full euphoria and full regalia, San Francisco’s prize-winning Afro-Brazilian Carnaval dancers will perform with a full drum bateria and contingent of dancers in glorious coque feather headpieces. This is urban-derived, African inspired, clothes-on-fire, funky Fogolystic samba reggae at its best!

hula-Na-lei-hulu-i-ka-wekiu6/15/2013: Hula Dance
Aloha! Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu, Patrick Makuakane’s dynamic and much loved Hawaiian dance company, returns to the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival for a visually and aurally captivating rich blend of traditional and contemporary forms of hula, showcasing signature pieces and audience favorites in the hula kahiko, hula ‘auana, and hula mua styles.

obama-native-americ6/16/2013: Native Contemporary Arts Festival
Red, Right and Blues celebrates the enduring cultures of California indigenous peoples, and offers a glimpse of the intertribal traditions of natives who were relocated to the Bay Area from outside California. The program features the blues band Indigenous, artist Kanyon Sayers-Roods, contemporary blues and Native song by Desirae Harp, the Elem Pomo Dancers and Singers, the Akwesasne Mohawk Singers, and the Medicine Warriors Dance Troupe joining All Nations Drum performing powwow style. Free craft activities for the kids. Curated by Janeen Antoine, and organized with American Indian Contemporary Arts.


Estonian-folkDance6/30/2013:  Estonian Folk Dance

Baruto KAIDO HÖÖVELSON. In 2012 Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves awarded the Order of the White Star to Baruto.

In 2012 Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves awarded the Order of the White Star to Baruto.

The West Coast Estonian Days (LEP) (held every other year) and the Worldwide ESTO festival (held every 4 years) are taking place at the same time in San Francisco.

Featuring Estonian dancers from around the country and the world, LEP-ESTO celebrates the proud tradition of Estonian folk dance, which often represents the life cycle and work experiences of the culture: lullabies, songs sung by lonely new brides, dances celebrating married couples, and songs related to farming and fishing.

You’ll immediately notice Traditional Estonian clothing.
Headgear with ample embroidery on wide fabric swaths, Wool socks with elaborate designs, belt tightly wrapped many times around the waist.
Men wear breeches (a type of pant reaching down to the knee) accompanied by a short-coat, mostly blue. Women wear a distinctive short, loose, long-sleeved midriff blouse embroidered in floral patterns over a sleeveless shirt. The skirt stripes may be vertical or horizontal.

I only learned name of country “Estonia” because of sumo wrestler “Baruto”.

Baruto (born 5 November 1984 as Kaido Höövelson) is a professional sumo wrestler in Japan from Estonia. He is popular among other wrestlers due to his friendly character and is known for always smiling, win or lose. Baruto is also known for taking great care not to injure his opponents.

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