The gift of Kindness

9/4/2013: CHECK ENGINE light on

iCheck-EngineMy worst nightmare happened: the check engine light pops on. I drove home with ‘check engine light on’ from Concord Costco to my house this evening. I am so ignorant, I emotionally prepared that I might die any minute. Thank god, engine didn’t explode. I used to had neighbor who can check my car but he died seven months ago. I don’t want rush to the mechanic because I am a female-senior. I have seen too many investigative news magazines on TV. I hate to be a victimized consumer.

Anyway, I parked my car on my street and put sign. It read:

‘check engine light on’ could be…
An oxygen sensor
Loose or cracked gas cap
Replace catalytic convertor
Replace mass airflow sensor
Replace Spark Plugs and Wires
Well, I have no idea any of these things.
What shall I do?

My next-door neighbor came to the door and asked me “What’s wrong with it?” Oh My Gosh, he will be my savior? We never got along well for many years. He went to buy application program to check ENGINE codes using his laptop computer. The result was nothing wrong (no error code). Then he checked things under the hood. He was surprised because I rarely done any tune-up. Then I sat up appointment (Sept. 11th) with FORD dealer for 50,000 miles service (Ford 2000 Focus – can you imagine 50,000 miles?). I will let you know result next week.

kindnessI am ashamed. Why I was so stubborn to reject this particular neighbor for so long? I met people in the park while walking dogs. If I say thank you to them, they would say ‘we are neighbors’ I should rethink meaning of  ‘we are neighbors’ and become better person.

Photo Gallery – September

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we-can-do-it9/2/2013: Labor Day – Dance & Dance

Labor Day. Maxine, Tom, Lorna, and I went to Richmond Moose (Maxine is a member). Wonderful bands, dance floor, food, people! I danced East Cost Swing and Country 2-step with very good dancer. He showed me many different moves & steps. It was Fantastic! What a deal for only $10!
Some men/women wore T-shirt with “Proud Union”. I took pictures of them but I didn’t have memory card in my camera. Damn it..

explor9/7/2013: Exploratorium

Concord City’s field trip. Exploring living things big and small, experiment with light, vision, sound, and hearing. Some of guys in their 20’s, 30’s smiled or saying ‘he~y’ to me. A employee brought his ‘RAIDERS’ soft drink cup to showed it to me. Now I understand why. I was only one wearing RAIDERS’ cap. I assume they are RAIDERS’ fans.
We had lunch at SEAGLASS Restaurant, is a casual, waterside venue with stunning views located at the east end of the museum. It was extremely pleasant day. good food, watching sail boats, clear sky, warm and peaceful. I stayed here all afternoon and able to watch race partially (no big-screen here). The Kiwis won both races of the opening day of the 34th America’s Cup versus ORACLE TEAM USA. Guys in my group went back inside gallery to explore furthermore. Men tend to have more scientific mind, anyway.

In the evening, I went to dancing at Rossmoor. I accidentally bumped into someone I met a year ago just once.  AW HUMM.

SF-Chroncle-opera9/8/2013: Opera in the Park

Sharon Meadow, Golden Gate Park. Enjoy arias al fresco, celebrate the opening of San Francisco Opera’s 91st season with stars from the fall operas, accompanied by the acclaimed San Francisco Opera Orchestra, conducted by Music Director Nicola Luisotti.
My favorite for the day was baritone Joo Wan Kang.

Two men passed by me. I was having a feeling that I know a man in black who just passed by me with white shirt and black trouser man. When I was leaving after the show, I bumped into white shirt and black trouser guy. I said to him “Was that Don? conductor/music director of California Symphony? He said YES and he said he remember me from Concord event. WOW

9/15/2013:  Yerba Buena Family Day Presented by Target

Esplanade Stage: 1–2:30pm
Enjoy an outdoor concert on the Esplanade Stage from 1-2:30pm by 2013 Grammy winner Lila Downs and her band who have reinvented traditional Mexican music with original compositions fused with blues, jazz, soul and more.

Jessie Square Stage: Noon–3:30pm
Music from the great city of New Orleans by Chelle! & Friends, Latin American rhythms performed by the Venezuelan Music Project, and members of the fabulous Picklewater Circus Hula Hoop Troupe.

Children’s Garden Stage: Noon–3:30pm
Continuous family-friendly fun, featuring Chinese acrobatics by the Red Pandas, hambone body percussionist The Unique Derique, the hilarious Pi Clowns, Natasha Kaluza, Vanessa Vortex, Cathy Diebold, Marria Kee, Zachary Fischer, Gherkin Picklewater of the fabulous Picklewater Circus Hula Hoop Troupe

Contemporary Jewish Museum
Celebrate the abstract wonders in the exhibition Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art by creating your own see-through art box using colorful transparent shapes. Add your own twisting and turning lines to a giant Wikki Stix© art installation, and groove to live performances by Alison Faith Levy’s Big Time Tot Rock.

I had Korean BBQ dinner in the Westfield SF Centre before catching BART.
 It seemed to me that I fell asleep in the train. I woke up with feeling of disorientation. A man sat beside me and asked why I am so sleepy. OMG, such handsome man!  He was my highlight of the day. END-OF-STORY  ♥ 

2 thoughts on “The gift of Kindness

  1. Hi Hisako 😀

    I hope things worked out okay with your car.

    I once had a car that the check engine light came on after driving through standing water. I could never get the light to extinguish even after performing all the recommended maintenance. I think sometimes it is a computer glitch or faulty wiring. My current vehicle had check engine light on for a while before I discovered a wire had come unplugged from a sensor on the air filter housing. My wifes car has had the check engine light on since we bought it from my daughter 2 years ago and as long as it is running good and getting good mileage we are not worrying.

    Good neighbors are a blessing and bad neighbors are a curse how wonderful it is when a curse has been lifted – best wishes!

    • Thank you. You assure me to not be panicked. I was so ignorant and that little light was death sentence! Nobody can imagine how scared I was of dying by engine explosion. (LOL)
      Sometimes life is hard. As you said, Good neighbors and friends are a blessing. I am delighted to receiving lovely comment from stranger like you.

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