Feeling under the weather

sickdogI’m feeling a bit under the weather lately. I had very bad knee injury and suffered with excess pain. A cortisone injection relieved pain instantly. I am disappointed myself because I had to dropout three Dance classes.

Besides that, there were many things happened – not going to get in there.

So I threw caution to the wind and went to Dinner & Dance party at country club. A man asked me a dance, happened to be he is a host, and I am his guest. He isn’t a good dancer, and I am not either. Anyway, I left home with intention of socializing with a bit of flirtations (I haven’t done it a long time). I just wanted have a fun. He was charmed by my sensual movements. Life is too short; I don’t care too much about the consequences of actions.

End of evening, his Mercedes-Benz waiting at the door, I had to walk to the parking lot for my car. Here, two different people, we both have little emptiness in our life. That’s the way it goes ! ! !

How can I lose weight?  Help !

It’s so embarrassing to tell the world that I’m overly self-conscious about my weight.


how fat I am grown! – absolutely as round as a ball

I was always slender no matter how much I eat. I never understood why people get fat and let it be.

Now I experienced sudden weight-gain on September 2012 when I Quit Smoking. I became binge eater. I took Nutrition Classes and eat more veggies and fruits. My primary physician tells me to eat only 1,200 cal/day. It is impossible for me because I am over-eater! My motivation to lose weight is my appearance and My doctor’s is concerned possible diabetes and heart disease.

Everybody knows that DIET (reduces caloric intake) and EXERCISE (builds lean muscle mass and burns up fat reserves) will result in weight loss. Also everybody knows that we should do right things. It shouldn’t be hard to do proper diet and exercise, right? No! We succumbed to a temptation which it is always hard to resist (my case, it’s foods & laziness. Food gives me emotional comfort). Being overweight is very difficult for me. It is devastating because it has lowered my self-esteem.

11/12/2013:  I walked to BART station alone  for my first “walking exercise”. One-way distance is 0.8 miles  (1.6 miles round trip and burn at least 150 calories)  I walked leisurely. My bad knee didn’t hurt. I should do this everyday and increase to twice a day in the future.

A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day, you would lose one pound per week:
500 x 7 = 3,500

Potion Control = Eat Less

Photo Gallery – October & November



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2 thoughts on “Feeling under the weather

  1. That was nice of your friend to give you a ride to your car in his Benz. So, you threw caution to the wind. Sometime that is a good change of behavior, if one tends to be overly cautious or guarded. But, If the wind is to strong you may come to rest at a place you do not recognize. This could result in either a disaster or a new adventure. It sounds like you had a fun time. I think it is healthy to break out of our well established routine. And life goes on……

    • Hi Rich,
      Yes, I had fun. But my left knee start hurting again – I shouldn’t have danced.
      Fall in Main must be beautiful with vibrant colors of fall foliage. Autumn is nice here too with fresh morning chill and summer’s last heat but I have to admit a feeling of dread and sadness every autumn. I just don’t like Holiday Seasons (Nov, Dec,) and Winters. So depressing,
      ~That time of year thou mayst in me behold, …… ~
      (you said; And life goes on…… ) – yes, life does go on, and do I believe it will be better tomorrow? No.
      I have to work on my skewed perception of myself (overweight). I have to learn to believe that I am okay. I think “self-affirmation” is important.

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