Eccentric Events

October 2014

If my son see some of naked pictures, he might say “Mother !!!” with dismay. He is conservative. I am retiree, live alone (with two dogs.) I consider myself a bit liberal but I disagree some of the issues. I do whatever I like to do. I know who I am. I just cannot find my passion and purpose for my life.

How liberal or conservative are you?
Here is definition I found in “Urban ideologies” from One of reader’s comments . . .

CONSERVATIVES: Ignorant, racist, fascist, knuckle-dragging, NASCAR-obsessed, evolution denying, pick-up truck driving, cousin-marrying, roadkill-eating, tobacco-juice-dribbling, whiskey-drinking, gun-fondling, religious fanatic rednecks fixated on global warming denying who smokes too much pot and thinks the government is out to get him.

LIBERAL: godless, unpatriotic, pierced-nose, tattoo-stained, Volvo-driving, France-loving, left-wing communist, latte-drinking, tofu-eating, sushi-gorging, holistic-wacko, neurotic, vegan weenie, sex orgy pervert monkey-cousin, fixated on global warming oblivion, who smokes too much pot and thinks the government should quit harshing their mellow.

* * * * * * * * * *

Highlight of October Event: Oct. 9-13, 2014 San Francisco Fleet Week

The Parade of Navy Ships, it’s way under the Golden Gate Bridge
Air Show Performers (US Navy Blue Angels)

On March 2013 the U.S. Navy announced the Blue Angels would cease from April 2013. In October 2013, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, stating that “community and public outreach is a crucial Departmental activity”, announced that the Blue Angels (along with the U.S. Air Force’s Thunderbirds) would resume appearing at air shows starting in 2014.

The second Monday of October

I don’t celebrate Columbus Day. I don’t want to honor a man who committed atrocities against Indigenous People. You must open your eyes to see these Eurocentric, brutal realities of the colonization.

* * * * * * * * * *

Photo Gallery – October  2014

— — — — — — — —
10/02: El Morocco Restaurant, Pleasant Hill, CA
10/04: Oaktoberfest in Oakland, CA
10/05: Castro Street Fair, SF
10/05: Amateur Sumo, Japantown, SF
10/11: Fleet Week Blue Angels Pier 39, SF
10/12: $20: Kayaking, Oakley, CA
10/13: $0 complimentary ticket Orchestra Premium Seat:
– – – – – Opera “A Masked Ball” SF War Memorial Opera House
10/14: Cheese Tasting at Marin French Cheese Company, Petaluma, CA
10/14: Tomales Bay Oyster Company, Marshall, CA
10/14: Nick’s Cove Restaurant, Marshall, CA
10/17: Palace of Fine Arts, SF
10/17: ‘ZOFO Duet” Piano duo at Officer’s Club, Presidio, SF
10/18: $10: pumpkin patch & Hay ride at Smith Family Farm, Brentwood, CA
10/20: Jack-o’-lantern
10/21: St. Francis Hotel 110th Anniversary 21th of each month in 2014
10/21:  Oscar de la Renta died yesterday. Showroom in Saks on Union Sq
10/21:  Sir Francis Drake Hotel Doorman
10/21:  The White House Department Store no longer exist. Now BANANA REPUBLIC
10/21:  Neiman Marcus Rotunda
10/23:  $$$: Opera “Tosca” music by Puccini, War Memorial Opera House
10/23: SF City Hall lit up in Orange color hue for the Giants World Series Games
10/24: $75 included Motorcoach: Horse Races at Golden Gate Fields, Turf Club. Berkeley, CA
10/25: $10+potluck: Halloween Party, Concord, CA
10/26: $5Donation: SF Civic Symphony at Sir Francis Drake Hotel, SF
10/26: Cheesecake Factory restaurant, Union Square, SF
10/29: Opera Preview Lecture “La Cenerentola” Cinderella
10/29: SF City Hall Docent Tour
10/29: Giants Game 7 World Series, SF Civic Center Plaza
10/31: $18+fee: Mayhem Mansion – Haunted Hall of Horror, SF

Photo Gallery – by Tina

My daughter-in-law Tina is taking a photography class at local college. She sent me photos from her class assignments (1) Reflections and (2) Landscapes.

10/11/14   She developed her own film for the first time. I think she is good photographer. Enjoy.


My daughter-in-law Tina’s Portrait in Black & White Assignment.
10/26/13   She said: Well, I spent 4 hours in the darkroom yesterday and I developed 6 photographs.

2 thoughts on “Eccentric Events

  1. Great Pictures!!!! Wish I was there….. Looks to me like you are having a great life.
    Continue to enjoy yourself. Change name from” empty feeling” to “FULL OF LIVE.’

    • Richard thanks. You are so kind to let me know and suggest new name of my blog. A few months ago, my daughter-in-law brought up same subject. She said contents are quite different from name suggest. She gave me name that similar to your suggestion. I will ask her again. Feedback is welcome.

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