An escapist?

November 2014

A man sent me a message, Here is some excerpts from it. BTW thanks for lovely message.

“You are a person of great accomplishment, and a stylish social butterfly with wings of gold.” – – – he continues – – – “Your bio and your blog have a deep emotional color to them… introspective, melancholy, and also appreciative. They make any sensitive reader wonder what your life feels like.”

The sentence, “They make any sensitive reader wonder what your life feels like.” caught my attention. I wonder . . . I don’t know myself what “my life” feels like.

How am I going to spend a day (and day after)? That is a big question I am facing every day.

Almost every single senior tell you that he/she is happy with his/her life but just missing that special someone. They are lying. . . pitiful liar. . . many people facing emotional isolation because they don’t know who they are.

I know who I am yet I don’t know what happiness is.

He also wrote, “You seem to prefer to deal with specifics: time, date, place, recognizable adornment… so maybe you don’t enjoy lengthy communication.”

My opinion? Well, TALK is cheap.

Why do I attend many events? They are there (SF Bay Area). It helps make my life endurable, but I am not an escapist – a bit of healthy dose of escapism is good for me.

I don’t live forever. Time is Enemy – it is somewhat cliché about life. However, I choose Time as A Friend, and place a high “value” on my time. So that means I live for a moment and find beauty in every moment.

KEEP BUSY! Everyone is happy as pie (really?)

Is there any cautious optimism in my future?

Photo Gallery – November 2014

— — — — — — — — —

11/04:  Legion of Honor,  the Fine Arts Museums of SF
11/07:  “Egyptian Belly Dance” SF City Hall Rotunda
11/07:  “Marcus Shelby Quartet” at the Officer’s Club Presidio, SF
11/11:  “Popovich Comedy Pet Variety Show” at California Theatre, Pittsburg, CA
11/13:  Opera “CINDERELLA”  SF War Memorial Opera House
11/15:  Play “Arsenic and Old Lady” Las Lomas High School, Walnut Creek
11/17:  Dinner at ‘Sunol Ridge’ Walnut Creek
11/19:  SF Opera Backstage Tour. War Memorial Opera House
11/20:  X’mas Decorations & lights at Hyatt Regency, SF
11/20:  “Beyond Ink” art talk and exhibit. Japanese Consulate, SF
11/25:  Strolling the City of Martinez, CA
11/25:  Opera “LA BOHEME” SF War Memorial Opera House
11/27:  Thanksgiving Dinner at my son’s house, Roseville, CA
11/30:  Luanch at MOMO’s near AT&T Park
11/30:  “Kurios” CIRQU DU SOLEIL at AT&T Park

2 thoughts on “An escapist?

  1. Seriously, what is happiness? A quiet walk in the woods during the beautiful Maine Fall? Writing a heartfelt letter to an old friend living in a distant land? A final warm cup of tea with a loving parent whose life is coming to an end? We all define our own happiness. Sometimes we are happy but fail to appreciate or recognize it. Happiness is having the opportunity, time and freedom to live it as you please. It would be sad to have lived a life full of joy but never recognize, be great full or appreciate its full measure. Maybe that’s why God gives us some degree of sadness.

    • Hi Rich,
      I agree with your comment ‘fail to appreciate or recognize it’.
      I sometime recognize moment-by-moment feeling of happiness produced by positive emotions, regardless of whether I had a good day or not.
      I guess what missing is that “engagement” with family, friends, hobbies, and whatever…
      Also ’meaning’ refers to contribute to a larger purpose.

      Do I describe my life as a happy one? NO.
      Do I think myself as a happy person? Not so sure.

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