Fairly good November

November 2015

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) Winter/Holiday Blues?
Thank god, not this year!!
I was busy enough to not think about loneliness this year.
Used to be, I didn’t like holiday season. There were times I resented many things. My mood fell as the thermometer, felt extremely lonely and unloved.  I felt I was so out of step with the world. Everyone else seemed to be beaming, bursting with holiday spirit.
I’m doing Okay this year.

I think I know why I didn’t fall for SAD this year.

  • I kept my expectations modest.
  • Find things to do on the Internet – http://sf.funcheap.com.
  • Keep busy.
  • Going places alone is a bit nerving, I had to encourage myself “step forward”. Venturing out of my comfort zone, however gingerly.
  • Smile to the world!

Photo Gallery – November 2015

11/03: SF Library Opera preview lecture ‘Die Meistersinger’
11/03: Museum of Craft & Design
11/03: Stroll around Ferry Building
11/03: Election Day – SF City Hall building in Red-White-Blue
11/03: $5Donated: Curry without Worry
11/04: $6: Japanese cooking sessions in SF
11/05: Concerts (Broadway Classics) at The Presidio
11/09: Grace Cathedral “Fields of prayer” light installation
11/12: Free movie ‘Godfather’ Orinda Theater
11/14: SNL Theme Character Bash. I was John Belushi’s samurai character
11/17: $$ Opera The Magic Flute
11/17: SF City Hall building in Blue-White-Red (Paris Attack)
11/20: Embarcadero Lighting ceremony
11/20: Disney on Ice performance of “Frozen”
11/20: $: Opera “The Magic Flute” (final performance)
11/21: $$:Opera Die Meistersinger Total 5 hours and 38 minutes.
11/24: $6: Japanese cooking sessions in SF
11/26: $$: Thanksgiving Dinner in Walnut Creek
11/27: $$: Black & White Ball. Blackhawk Country club
11/29: $$$: Dickens Christmas Fair at Cow Palace, Daly city

Twelve women (included me) went to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in chauffeured van. I didn’t know anybody in the van. I spent most time with Mary. Accidentally I forgot my wallet in my car. She was so kind and offered her credit card to pay for my purchases. I am a lucky woman because I meet so many nice women.

Moral Imperative

October 2015

We choose whether to notice what we see and hear, or whether to ignore it. Life would be impossible without this filtering. If we noticed everything, we’d go crazy. And if we notice nothing, it’s meaningless. I encounter people offer me kind help or gesture. I do too.
A moral imperative is a principle originating inside a person’s mind that compels that person to act.
* 10/03: feeling good day. I got lost at exit 39B from Nimitz Fwy. I was going to Alameda Elks Lodge for special period ballroom dancing.
Two women kindly helped me to follow their car to get to the venue and finding a parking space. My special thanks to them.
In the Ballroom I met Kathy. She is beautiful business woman, her Attitude Toward Life resonated with mine. There are wonderful women out there.
* 10/26:  a solemn experience. I was driving hwy near Antioch. Young Latino man in white clothes was weeping by the roadside cross (with candles to mark the spot where his sister died – the car she was in spun out of control and struck a utility pole.) I had to stop my car and said to him ‘So sorry’. What else can I say? His agony is unimaginable. Everyone grieves differently.

Photo Gallery – October 2015

10/02: SF City Hall Rotunda Mary Sano & her Isadora Duncan Dance.
10/02: Evening out to Danville
10/03: $25 door: Murder in the Ballroom, 1930s dance party.
10/08: Orinda Theater free movie The Exorcist
10/10: SF Fleet Week Blue Angel Pier 39
10/12: SF Fleet Week Shipboard Tours Pier 80
10/17: $$$: Yoshi’s Oakland ‘Hiroshima’ Jazz band
10/22: Traveled to Roseville to see Dr. Wu
10/23: $$$: Safari West Jeep Tour and BBQ Lunch. Santa Rosa
10/24: $$: SF Opera ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’
10/25: SFMUSIC DAY Herbst Theater & Green Room
10/28: $12: Diablo Dance Club Halloween. Walnut Creek
10/29: Volunteer Food Bank. Concord
10:31: $ Halloween Party. Danville

* having bad luck with my car. I damaged my car on my driveway on May 29th and fixed it. My Auto Insurance company are going to raise premium. Oct. 11 someone damaged my car at BART station. It’s a hard knock life. LOL
Insurance companies are heavily regulated (perhaps they too are dangerous?), and offer their policies within the strict guidelines placed upon them by government. I think that insurance executives wrote those guidelines.

l’amore opera

September 2015

SeeneyTodd-3I am ecstatic about many people acknowledged me (my existence?) at Opera House on 29th. I had hugs and kisses with people work there and some patrons. Oh! It was so nice to see mother of child star. We chatted a little.

Before the show, a very handsome young man running up to me and said “I’ll take a picture for you” I guess he noticed me (standing with my iPad.)

During Intermission, I was walking stairs from lower lounge to main lobby, then suddenly thirty-something man approached and said “I’m going to tell my friends I walked with beautiful woman”. So, we walked arm in arm (surprisingly he is not blind.) 

Oops, sound like I’m an egocentric. Not me, Donald Trump is. He is a narcissist and an egomaniac.  The inherent vice of  “Trump-ism” is the Trump phenomenon; the inherent virtue of Trump-ism is the equal sharing of morons, idiots, losers, and dummies.

Anyway, all those little things were simple gestures of kindness. In my previous post “Intentional Insult” I mentioned about my dampened spirits. Today my spirits shining again.

9/01: Palace of Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum
9/06: Brazilian Day
9/06: King Lear – Actors Ensemble of Berkeley
9/09: SF Public Utilities Commission Tour
9/11: $$$: SF Opera 93rd Season Opening ‘Luisa Miller’
9/12: $10Donated: Kathy Mata Ballet Autumn Showcase
9/13: Opera in the Park
9/14: Visit Palo Alto
9/15: $40RUSH Tix: ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Musical
9/19: ‘Peace in the Park’ Golden Gate Park, SF
9/19: ‘Toga Party’ Blackhawk, Danville, CA
9/20: Dragon Boat Festival Treasure Island, SF
9/23: Moonalice concert at Union Square
9/23: $7.75Senior: ‘Learning to Drive’ movie
9/24: $7Admission: Walnut Creek Festival. 5-10pm Heather Farm Park
9/25: Friday Night at de Young
9/26: YBG Festival
9/27: $2Donated: ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Shakespeare in the Park, Jerry Garcia Amphitheater
9/28: ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ in Opera Preview Lecture, SF Library
9/29: $$: SF Opera ‘Sweeney Todd’

Photo Gallery – September 2015

Intentional insult

Intentional insult

9/20/15: TOGA Party -- Private house Blackhawk/Danville -- Upscale manned gated community. At the gate, guard said my TOGA is best!. Well, everyone's toga's were awesome.

9/19/15: TOGA Party — Private house Blackhawk/Danville — Upscale manned gated community. At the gate, guard said my TOGA is best. . . . . everyone’s toga’s were awesome.

I went to TOGA party on 19th Sept. I got there after 9:00pm and party was still  going strong. A lot of foods, wine, and music. I saw two Asian-American women in the living room. I know one woman briefly. So I approached to her to say “Hi”. She run to bathroom without acknowledging my greeting. I introduced myself to other woman. She ignored me. The woman who went to bathroom came back and she finger-gestured (beckoning sign) me to come to her in the corner of living room. She negatively commented about my face. I momentary panicked because I wasn’t expecting insult. I didn’t know what to say. I am accustomed to people compliment me almost every day. Well, NOT MY FACE. However, people (some are well known) compliment me for my hats, my clothes, stylishness, elegance, etc. etc.,,,,

I had mini-stroke on my 60th birthday. My left side body showed sudden numbness and was paralyzed. Thank goodness, it recovered fully quickly. Damage to the facial nerve that controls muscles on cheeks are NOT fully recovered.

24th Sept. I was reading news on internet (I don’t have TV connection). ABC News in Michigan had an article  “Woman Buys Coffee for 2 Women Who Insulted Her.”  It said “two middle-aged women behind her in line started making mean, hushed comments about her looks.”

I guess it happens too often. *** this prompted me to post my incident ***

Why people do that? Old saying of “It is better to keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say. ”

I cannot worry about those people because my mind, time, and encounter with people are FLEETING. Everything is fleeting !
Treasure whatever happen to me in at any given moment.

No make-up. This picture was taken a few days after my son’s birth. Wearing a tie dye shirt. It gives you a hint – in the late 1960s to early 1970s


No make-up. No hairdo. I know it’s not presentable in public. . . I got email notice from theater for reduced ticket price while I was busy doing household chores. It was close to show time, so I jumped into my car and went.



No make-up. Creek clean-up volunteer work

No make-up. Now you see my real face. Look old?  I look younger when my hair is down.

When my son was in High School, we went to drop-in Valley Ball co-ed game in Pleasant Hill Rec. Everybody teased my son calling me his girlfriend. No matter how much he said that I am his mother. Nobody believed it. He still tells me “Mother, you are enjoying it.” haha …I fell in to a deep depression – of course about my face and family conflict and stress. I got to do something about it. So I learned make-up technique from YouTube. Decided to go places alone. Learned to use Public Transportation in the City. Now I have courage, maintain my dignity.



Free Summer Events

August 2015

Month of August – Full of free music, dance, play, and other entertainments everywhere in San Francisco and Bay Area. I had a runny nose and sore throat in the middle of the month. I got well quickly due to stayed at home and relaxed.
I visited my new dentist in Fair Oaks, CA. My daughter-in-law did back ground check of my health insurance approved dentist  and she said “Big No.”   So I chose her dentist for just one tooth problem. She and my son live in Roseville and Fair Oaks is about 90 miles away from my house.

I am looking forward to September. Summer vacation is over and less tourists in the City. Opera season will start middle of September. You know? I was terrified to attend events by myself a few years ago. Now I somewhat got used to it. I recently told myself  “Go after what I want” If I don’t, I never have it. If I don’t ask, the answer will always be “NO”. 

so, here I am! get ready and go. . . Carpe diem, seize the day.

Photo Gallery – August 2015

8/01:  $2Donated. ‘Macbeth’ Vallejo Shakespeare in the park. Martinez
8/02:  Oakland Museum of California. Pacific World Exhibition (Past 5/15)
8/04:  de Young Museum. Golden Gate Park, SF (past 4/15, 3/15,  4/14, 7/13)
8/05: Drove to Fair Oaks, CA (90 miles a way)
8/07:  SF City Hall Rotunda Dance ‘Los Lupenos de San Jose’
8/08:  Diablo Japanese American Festival. Concord (past 8/13)
8/13:  Orinda Theatre. ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ (past 4/15)
8/16:  ‘Groove Doctors’ band. Pleasant Hill City Hall Concert
8/18:  Drove to Fair Oaks, CA (90 miles a way)
8/21:  ASL meetup. San Francisco
8/23:  Private House Party. Beautiful Berkeley Hills
8/28:  NorCal Asian Meetup – my first attendance at ‘Himalayan Cuisine’ Concord
8/29:  $13 senior: Bodega Seafood, Arts, & Wine Festival. Bodega
8/30:  Ukrainian Day. Golden Gate Park, SF
8/30:  ‘East Bay MUDD’ band. Pleasant Hill City Hall Concert

Dry Summer

July 2015

Dry California summer – “Brown is new Green” , it’s not just a catchy slogan.  It’s not a marketing slogan, it’s the absolute truth.  I saw some brown green in most expensive golf courses in Pebble beach. They are taking extreme measures to conserve water during an historic drought.

We, home owners must conserve water too. I don’t water very much for my garden. Now I don’t have to spend time on gardening/watering, so I go out more to enjoy hot July.

Photo Gallery – July 2015

7/03: Opera at the Ballpark. SF Opera. simulcast from the War Memorial Opera House, Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro”  (past 7/14)
7/04: 4th of July Fireworks in Concord
7/05: $10Donated: Stern Grove Festival – SF Symphony
7/05: Women’s Soccer World Cup US vs. Japan at  SF Civic center
7/07: $5Donated: Noontime Concert at Old St. Mary’s Church. Music of Mozart. Wind instruments
7/07: Museum of Craft & Design
7/07: Nostalgia
7/09: YBG Festival – Okinawa Folk Dance
7/09: Live Musical Dear Edwina Jr.
7/11: Walking Land’s End San Francisco
7/11: $5Donated: YBG Festival – Merola Opera Program (past 7/14, 7/13)
7/12: $10Donated: Stern Grove Festival – Hawaiian Music
7/14: Baseball All-Star Game.
7/16: James Garner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash band
7/17: Harbor Tour – USS Potomac The Presidential Yacht
7/19: $10Donated: Stern Grove Festival – Ukrainian Folk Quartet, tUnE-yArDs
7/21: $2Donated: Blues night at Todos Santos Plaza concord. Alvon & his band
7/23: Piano Duo at front of Lesher Center for the Arts. Walnut Creek
7/23: $2Donated: Long train Runnin – Doobie Brothers cover band at Todos Santos Plaza concord.
7/25: Berkeley Kite Festival at Berkeley Marina
7/26: $10Donated: Stern Grove Festival – SF Ballet
7/28 – 7/29: $$$: Visit to Monterey and Carmel
7/31: $10Donated: Hertz Concert Hall, UC Berkeley, Symphony for a performance of Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, and Shostakovich!

Pageantry of Celebrations

June 2015

Month of June in San Francisco and Bay Area is like a glorious summer. I enjoyed variety of events under the radiance of the sun.
For example;

Stern Grove Festival Provide performances by some of the world’s greatest artists in this glorious natural setting. Last year, opening by Smokey Robinson & Patti Austin. This year was Doobie Brothers & California Honeydrops.

YBG (Yerba Buena Gardens) Festival is to enhance the vitality and quality of life. Music, dance, theater, and cultural events.

SF Opera “The Trojans” One of the largest, most magnificent pieces in the entire repertory, this rarely staged epic is presented here for the first time in 47 years, the way it was originally meant to be seen: two operas —The Fall of Troy and The Trojans at Carthage

The Sights, Sounds and Pageantry of Celebrations such as
(1) SF City Hall 100th Birthday.
(2) Founding of the SF Presidio and Mission Dolores. 239th anniversary of the Second Anza Expedition (1776).
(3) SF Gay Pride Parade was significant this year due to Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling.A dyke near barricade asked me if I’m a gay. I said “No, I’m Japanese.” and then, she let me move to barricade, so I can see parade better. This talkative dyke introducing me to  people around her saying “She is not a gay. She is Japanese.”  LOL
I just didn’t want to use ward “straight” to categorize my sexuality.

Photo Gallery – June 2015

6/05: Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir Concert
6/06: $25Door: Formal Ball at Alameda Elks Lodge
6/07: Opera ‘Barber of Seville’ movie at YBG, SF
6/13: Livermore Rodeo Parade at City of Livermore, CA
6/14: $2Donated: Doobie Brothers and Honeydrops at Stern Grove Festival, SF
6/16: Watched NBA championship game, Walnut Creek
6/18: $2Donated: The Sun King – Beatles Tribute Band at Concord, CA
6/19: Artist Corinne Takara – Opening reception at Japanese Consulate
6/19: SF City Hall 100th Birthday celebration
6/20: $$$: Opera ‘The Trojans’ at SF War Memorial Opera House
6/21: $5Donated: Native American Festival at Yerba Buena Gardens
6/24: $12: Ballroom Dance The theme: America the Beautiful. Walnut Creek
6/27: LOS CALIFORNIANOS – 239th Anniv. of 2nd Anza Expedition (1775-’76) Presideo
6/27: Kalayaan at Union Square, Filipino 117th Independence celebration
6/28: SF Gay Pride Parade, Market Street, SF
6/28: Japan Day at JapanTown, SF