Intentional insult

Intentional insult

9/20/15: TOGA Party -- Private house Blackhawk/Danville -- Upscale manned gated community. At the gate, guard said my TOGA is best!. Well, everyone's toga's were awesome.

9/19/15: TOGA Party — Private house Blackhawk/Danville — Upscale manned gated community. At the gate, guard said my TOGA is best. . . . . everyone’s toga’s were awesome.

I went to TOGA party on 19th Sept. I got there after 9:00pm and party was still  going strong. A lot of foods, wine, and music. I saw two Asian-American women in the living room. I know one woman briefly. So I approached to her to say “Hi”. She run to bathroom without acknowledging my greeting. I introduced myself to other woman. She ignored me. The woman who went to bathroom came back and she finger-gestured (beckoning sign) me to come to her in the corner of living room. She negatively commented about my face. I momentary panicked because I wasn’t expecting insult. I didn’t know what to say. I am accustomed to people compliment me almost every day. Well, NOT MY FACE. However, people (some are well known) compliment me for my hats, my clothes, stylishness, elegance, etc. etc.,,,,

I had mini-stroke on my 60th birthday. My left side body showed sudden numbness and was paralyzed. Thank goodness, it recovered fully quickly. Damage to the facial nerve that controls muscles on cheeks are NOT fully recovered.

24th Sept. I was reading news on internet (I don’t have TV connection). ABC News in Michigan had an article  “Woman Buys Coffee for 2 Women Who Insulted Her.”  It said “two middle-aged women behind her in line started making mean, hushed comments about her looks.”

I guess it happens too often. *** this prompted me to post my incident ***

Why people do that? Old saying of “It is better to keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say. ”

I cannot worry about those people because my mind, time, and encounter with people are FLEETING. Everything is fleeting !
Treasure whatever happen to me in at any given moment.

No make-up. This picture was taken a few days after my son’s birth. Wearing a tie dye shirt. It gives you a hint – in the late 1960s to early 1970s


No make-up. No hairdo. I know it’s not presentable in public. . . I got email notice from theater for reduced ticket price while I was busy doing household chores. It was close to show time, so I jumped into my car and went.



No make-up. Creek clean-up volunteer work

No make-up. Now you see my real face. Look old?  I look younger when my hair is down.

When my son was in High School, we went to drop-in Valley Ball co-ed game in Pleasant Hill Rec. Everybody teased my son calling me his girlfriend. No matter how much he said that I am his mother. Nobody believed it. He still tells me “Mother, you are enjoying it.” haha …I fell in to a deep depression – of course about my face and family conflict and stress. I got to do something about it. So I learned make-up technique from YouTube. Decided to go places alone. Learned to use Public Transportation in the City. Now I have courage, maintain my dignity.



2 thoughts on “Intentional insult

  1. I am so sorry to hear how you were insulted. It was ugly incident you should totally ignore. People who are cruel like the two women are either jealous of your beauty or projecting their own fears and insecurity onto another. Do not be hurt or discouraged by these bullies. Thank you for your wonderful pictures. Respectfully

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