l’amore opera

September 2015

SeeneyTodd-3I am ecstatic about many people acknowledged me (my existence?) at Opera House on 29th. I had hugs and kisses with people work there and some patrons. Oh! It was so nice to see mother of child star. We chatted a little.

Before the show, a very handsome young man running up to me and said “I’ll take a picture for you” I guess he noticed me (standing with my iPad.)

During Intermission, I was walking stairs from lower lounge to main lobby, then suddenly thirty-something man approached and said “I’m going to tell my friends I walked with beautiful woman”. So, we walked arm in arm (surprisingly he is not blind.) 

Oops, sound like I’m an egocentric. Not me, Donald Trump is. He is a narcissist and an egomaniac.  The inherent vice of  “Trump-ism” is the Trump phenomenon; the inherent virtue of Trump-ism is the equal sharing of morons, idiots, losers, and dummies.

Anyway, all those little things were simple gestures of kindness. In my previous post “Intentional Insult” I mentioned about my dampened spirits. Today my spirits shining again.

9/01: Palace of Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum
9/06: Brazilian Day
9/06: King Lear – Actors Ensemble of Berkeley
9/09: SF Public Utilities Commission Tour
9/11: $$$: SF Opera 93rd Season Opening ‘Luisa Miller’
9/12: $10Donated: Kathy Mata Ballet Autumn Showcase
9/13: Opera in the Park
9/14: Visit Palo Alto
9/15: $40RUSH Tix: ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Musical
9/19: ‘Peace in the Park’ Golden Gate Park, SF
9/19: ‘Toga Party’ Blackhawk, Danville, CA
9/20: Dragon Boat Festival Treasure Island, SF
9/23: Moonalice concert at Union Square
9/23: $7.75Senior: ‘Learning to Drive’ movie
9/24: $7Admission: Walnut Creek Festival. 5-10pm Heather Farm Park
9/25: Friday Night at de Young
9/26: YBG Festival
9/27: $2Donated: ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Shakespeare in the Park, Jerry Garcia Amphitheater
9/28: ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ in Opera Preview Lecture, SF Library
9/29: $$: SF Opera ‘Sweeney Todd’

Photo Gallery – September 2015

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