Moral Imperative

October 2015

We choose whether to notice what we see and hear, or whether to ignore it. Life would be impossible without this filtering. If we noticed everything, we’d go crazy. And if we notice nothing, it’s meaningless. I encounter people offer me kind help or gesture. I do too.
A moral imperative is a principle originating inside a person’s mind that compels that person to act.
* 10/03: feeling good day. I got lost at exit 39B from Nimitz Fwy. I was going to Alameda Elks Lodge for special period ballroom dancing.
Two women kindly helped me to follow their car to get to the venue and finding a parking space. My special thanks to them.
In the Ballroom I met Kathy. She is beautiful business woman, her Attitude Toward Life resonated with mine. There are wonderful women out there.
* 10/26:  a solemn experience. I was driving hwy near Antioch. Young Latino man in white clothes was weeping by the roadside cross (with candles to mark the spot where his sister died – the car she was in spun out of control and struck a utility pole.) I had to stop my car and said to him ‘So sorry’. What else can I say? His agony is unimaginable. Everyone grieves differently.

Photo Gallery – October 2015

10/02: SF City Hall Rotunda Mary Sano & her Isadora Duncan Dance.
10/02: Evening out to Danville
10/03: $25 door: Murder in the Ballroom, 1930s dance party.
10/08: Orinda Theater free movie The Exorcist
10/10: SF Fleet Week Blue Angel Pier 39
10/12: SF Fleet Week Shipboard Tours Pier 80
10/17: $$$: Yoshi’s Oakland ‘Hiroshima’ Jazz band
10/22: Traveled to Roseville to see Dr. Wu
10/23: $$$: Safari West Jeep Tour and BBQ Lunch. Santa Rosa
10/24: $$: SF Opera ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’
10/25: SFMUSIC DAY Herbst Theater & Green Room
10/28: $12: Diablo Dance Club Halloween. Walnut Creek
10/29: Volunteer Food Bank. Concord
10:31: $ Halloween Party. Danville

* having bad luck with my car. I damaged my car on my driveway on May 29th and fixed it. My Auto Insurance company are going to raise premium. Oct. 11 someone damaged my car at BART station. It’s a hard knock life. LOL
Insurance companies are heavily regulated (perhaps they too are dangerous?), and offer their policies within the strict guidelines placed upon them by government. I think that insurance executives wrote those guidelines.

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