Fairly good November

November 2015

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) Winter/Holiday Blues?
Thank god, not this year!!
I was busy enough to not think about loneliness this year.
Used to be, I didn’t like holiday season. There were times I resented many things. My mood fell as the thermometer, felt extremely lonely and unloved.  I felt I was so out of step with the world. Everyone else seemed to be beaming, bursting with holiday spirit.
I’m doing Okay this year.

I think I know why I didn’t fall for SAD this year.

  • I kept my expectations modest.
  • Find things to do on the Internet – http://sf.funcheap.com.
  • Keep busy.
  • Going places alone is a bit nerving, I had to encourage myself “step forward”. Venturing out of my comfort zone, however gingerly.
  • Smile to the world!

Photo Gallery – November 2015

11/03: SF Library Opera preview lecture ‘Die Meistersinger’
11/03: Museum of Craft & Design
11/03: Stroll around Ferry Building
11/03: Election Day – SF City Hall building in Red-White-Blue
11/03: $5Donated: Curry without Worry
11/04: $6: Japanese cooking sessions in SF
11/05: Concerts (Broadway Classics) at The Presidio
11/09: Grace Cathedral “Fields of prayer” light installation
11/12: Free movie ‘Godfather’ Orinda Theater
11/14: SNL Theme Character Bash. I was John Belushi’s samurai character
11/17: $$ Opera The Magic Flute
11/17: SF City Hall building in Blue-White-Red (Paris Attack)
11/20: Embarcadero Lighting ceremony
11/20: Disney on Ice performance of “Frozen”
11/20: $: Opera “The Magic Flute” (final performance)
11/21: $$:Opera Die Meistersinger Total 5 hours and 38 minutes.
11/24: $6: Japanese cooking sessions in SF
11/26: $$: Thanksgiving Dinner in Walnut Creek
11/27: $$: Black & White Ball. Blackhawk Country club
11/29: $$$: Dickens Christmas Fair at Cow Palace, Daly city

Twelve women (included me) went to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in chauffeured van. I didn’t know anybody in the van. I spent most time with Mary. Accidentally I forgot my wallet in my car. She was so kind and offered her credit card to pay for my purchases. I am a lucky woman because I meet so many nice women.

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