Love is NOT in the air

February 2016

Love is NOT in the air

February? Valentine’s Day can be a very happy day for some, and a very sad day for others. Me? no sweetheart, no big deal.

2016 is a leap year. A complete orbit of the earth around the sun takes exactly 365.2422 days to complete, but the Gregorian calendar uses 365 days. So leap seconds – and leap years – are added as means of keeping our clocks (and calendars) in sync with the Earth and its seasons.

My desktop computer crushed, my iPad needed to erase everything. Now (3/8/2016) finally I am publishing February post.

Photo Gallery – February 2016

2/03: $15: Afternoon tea dance Lafayette
2/03: Super Bowl 50 -SF
2/09: SF Botanical Garden – Magnolias
2/11: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Free movie Orinda Theatre
2/13: $12: Chinese Lunch Banquet SF
2/13: $12: Portrait of Peony Musical at Buddha’s Universal Church
2/14: A Valentine’s Serenade Grace Cathedral Nob Hill
2/16: Annual Physical check-up
2/18: $6: SF Japanese Cooking session
2/19: $$: SF Ballet Swan Lake Opening night
2/20: $3: Walking for Health & History
2/20: Chinese New Year Parade – SF
2/26: $5Donated: SF Chamber Orchestra “Mahler Lite”
2/28: Stanford University “Bernstein Recital”
2/29: Leap Day – Daily walk – Wild animals & flowers

2 thoughts on “Love is NOT in the air

  1. Hi Abhijeet, You are kind, personable, good-looking young man. Your intelligence and positive attitude impressed me. Thanks for offering to walk to Palo Alto station. I got home safely. You have a bright future ahead of you.
    Lisa Evans

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