April 2016 – Yosemite Trip

Poonam-n-meMost heart-felt event was meeting my friend Poonam at her sister’s house in San Ramon. I felt as she is my own daughter when I held her tightly and gentry. I met her in  January 2010 then she moved to SoCal in March same year. It was very brief encounter. I don’t know why but somehow I was intrigued and inspired by her wonderful disposition and natural human kindness. I think she felt something special about me and she asked me if she could call me “aunty”
She has wonderful husband and 2 boys. Because of my hearing impairment, I have very little communication. However, she is always in my heart.
Please click following link about her:  Poem for me
yosemite-fallxYosemite trip was splendid. I was happy to see many waterfalls. I walked 8 to 10 miles. Beautiful, beautiful weather, saved $30 (FREE entry) because of National Park Service 100 year celebration. Not crowded at all, easy to find parking anywhere. Hotel is still affordable (more costly from May.) Restaurant in Mariposa gave me FREE glass of wine. What a wonderful trip it was !!! Couldn’t ask for more !
OscardelaRenta-0Funny incident was at “de Young museum” many people gave me friendly smile. I wasn’t sure why. Well, there was one of Oscar de la Renta‘s dress was very similar to what I was wearing.
I have seen special exhibit “The fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” 4 years ago here at de Young.
I watch many designer’s Haute Couture runway on YouTube, my favorite is SPRING 2007 COUTURE by John Galliano Christian Dior “Pinkerton’s affair with Cio-Cio San, Madame Butterfly”
IBM-logoCleaning garage, tossing old stuff on weekly trash day. I found a letter from IBM. Dated 1983. I never imagined I had to look for a job. I wanted to be a cute wife, desirable woman, and nurturing mother. Sometimes who is not well cultured people treat me very badly like I am an idiot because of my hearing problem.  I hope this letter from IBM gives you idea that I am not totally stupid. However,  I become stupid ad hoc, that is, when I don’t want to understand, where understanding would cause anxiety, or would endanger an existing neurotic equilibrium.
FickleThis month, I saw LIVE Play Shakespeare’s CYMBELINE. Also I attended mini-concert Mozart’s opera COSI FAN TUTTE. They both had similarity. That is “test of true faithfulness of their fiancées”
CYMBELINE: A smooth-tongued man argues that all women are naturally unchaste, and he makes a wager with Posthumus that he will be able to seduce Imogen.
COSI FAN TUTTE: A cynical old man bets young officers that if they give him one day’s time, he can prove to them that all women are fickle.
** It was past. I’m glad women’s in the 21st century that woman’s choices and expressions of self-ownership is legally respected. **
angry-emojiToday (4/30/2016) my son & his wife came to  help me with my desktop computer.  Prior to going out for lunch, he told me that “70 years old woman doesn’t wear see-thru blouse. Dress appropriately with your age” — Oh Gee,  he is ‘damn’ conservative !!! I wanna hit his head with toy mallet.

April 2016 Everyday Picture Diary for timeless photo memories

4/02: $23Senior: NY Metropolitan Opera “Madama Butterfly” Live in HD transmission
4/08: Guest Pass and $5: de Young Museum. 3 Special exhibitions:
– – – – – – (1) Oscar de la Renta: The Retrospective
– – – – – – (2) Bouquets to Art
– – – – – – (3) Royal Hawaiian Featherwork
4/09: Rossini’s Cinderella opera-movie for family
4/10: $5Donated: Live Play Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline”
4/15: Opera concert “Cosi Fan Tutte” at the Presidio Golden Gate Club
4/16: Meeting my dear friend Poonam
4/18-19: $$$: Yosemite trip:
4/19: Visitors from LA
4/23: John Muir B-day (178th) and Earth Day celebration
4/24: $6: Japanese cooking class. Hays Valley SF
4/24: Kathy Mata Ballet show. SF
4/29: SF City Hall Rotunda: SF Ballet Trainee
4/29: $5Donation: Celebrating PRINCE: Died at 57

Transportation Fare for Senior:

BART to SF: $2.45 one-way
MUNI in the City: $1:00 one-way
Local/ long distance: I drive my car

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