Daily-life interrupted

July 2016 Daily-life interrupted

At beginning of July, I was going to write about subject such as “Loss of Identity” or “Who am I?” Those kinds of things really bothered me after retirement. People in late adulthood (60-85 years) had already experienced many disrupted life events (such as divorce, retirement, illnesslosing a loved one). The main crisis in the Late Adulthood Transition is a person fears that their youthfulness is disappearing, and only an old, fatigued, boring person will remain. 

I always wanted to be “somebody” not “nobody”. I went out places in SF Bay Area often during last few years. It is important how others view me, my feelings of confidence, are dependent on external factors. As a result, I seek reassurance and praise from others to feel OK about myself (Note: I am not a self-centered, however).
Just recently, a man sent me a email from my website. I never, never thought to go out with any men. However I did. He made me realize that important to develop my own mind (inner-sense, self-knowledge, & self-affection) I am going to stay calm and check off my bucket list from now on. 

Photo Gallery – July 2016

July 2016

7/01/16: Wanda’s B-Day
7/02/16: Opera at AT&T “Carmen” simulcast live from the War Memorial Opera House.
7/03/16: Independence Eve with Oakland Symphony & Fireworks
7/07/16: Japantown
7/09/16: making follies headdress
7/10/16: SF Symphony at Stern Grove
7/13/16: Napa Valley Wine train
7/13/16: Castello di Amarosa Wine tasting & tour
7/14/16: Tiffany Austin Quintet at YBG Festival
7/16/16: Chevron Family festival at Lesher Center for the Arts
7/16/16: Alex Ramon Magic at Lesher Center Walnut Creek, CA
7/16/16: FFAE’s Wizard of Oz at Lesher Center
7/16/16: Actors Ensemble of Berkeley: Play “Marriage of Figaro”
7/17/16: Hiking Muir Woods National Monument. Mill Valley, CA
7/17/16: The Spinnaker restaurant, Sausalito, CA
7/23/16: University of Pacific, Stockton, CA
7/27/16: Dinner at Marines Club, SF, CA
7/30/16: Hiking Calaveras Big Trees State Park
7/31/16: SF Ballet at Stern Grove Festival

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