A defining month for me

August 2016 Defining month for me


1) Nobody? / somebody? / I am who I am?

In July post (prior month) I wrote about I wanted to be “somebody” not “nobody”.

Because many years of living alone, I lost my identity. I wanted world to know my existence. However I am not marketing my name and my existence because I have no talent. I was just self-sustaining. . .

One of my long time blog reader responded privately by sending me poem of Emily Dickinson “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” Her poems reminded me of Japanese haiku poet Bashō. I’ve never met him, however he helped me overcome my severe depression a few years ago.

Recently I met a man who lives in Stockton, CA. I start going out with him. His philosophical view is “I am who I am”. I think, this can be said to anybody and everybody. Because everyone has their own tastes; “Different strokes for different folks” What do you say?

Life isn’t finding myself. Life is about creating myself.

2) Extra special event: Gladys Knight concert at Gallo in Modesto, CA

My deep appreciation for My dear friend for inviting me to concert.

3) Rosie the Riveter

It was my first time participating “breaking the Guinness World Book of Records” I am so proud of myself and all other Rosies in this wonderful event. I felt empowered.

4) 2016 Rio Olympics 

In an era of nationalism and xenophobia, let’s not forget the Olympic spirit is real — and powerful –Cutting through this domestic political chaos, however, Rio hosted the first-ever Refugee Olympic Team.

5) Follies Dance practice 3 evening/week

Preparing for upcoming Sept. 24 & 25 “Black Diamond Follies” show.

Photo Gallery – August 2016

August 2016

8/02/16: Walnut Creek Police Deportment Public service day
8/04/16: Gladys Knight Concert at Modesto, CA
8/04/16: Watched The opening ceremony 2016 Rio Olympics on TV
8/06/16: Pool party at Ann’s house
8/07/16: Nihonmachi Street Fair
8/08/16: Re-apply US Passport
8/12/16: Trip to Roseville, CA
8/13/16: Rosie Rally at Richmond, CA Breaking Guinness World record of Rosie the Riveter lookalikes
8/15/16: Lunch with former associate
8/20/16: Repaired backyard deck flooring
8/21/16: Lauran’s B-day
8/26/16: Live Show “The Valley Talent Project” @ Gallo Center Modesto, CA
8/28/16: Drinving on Hwy-12 & Hwy-49, and Hwy-4
8/30/16: Dr. Alexander Fair Oaks, CA

He is a die hard republican. I think he considers gun owners right to bear arms to be under attack, business corporations and wealthy individuals who benefit from limiting social programs, limiting regulations, and reduced taxes.
I am a democrat, because I am an intellectually independent, broad-minded person, and believe in economic security for everyone. However, I don’t like wasteful, giveaway social programs.

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