Opera Opening Night

September 2016 Opera Opening Night

opera-9-9Poonam gave me her Sari in April. I felt that I don’t deserve this precious gift. She is young woman and married with 2 boys, lives in Southern California. I like her very much because she has heart of gold. So honoring her feeling, I accepted. I know she wants to see me happy and hopes that the gift achieve this purpose. I watched “How to wear Sari” on YouTube then put it on. I went to see “Andrea Chénier.” SF Opera Company’s 94th Season Opening Night (September 9). SF Opera is such world-class institution, beautiful venue, and excellent productions. It gives us opportunity to encounter fine cultural events. I enjoy dressing-up to go there and envelop in special elegant/sophisticate ambiance – it transform daily life into something dreamy.
pinkfeather-headdressI had my first stage performance with “Black Diamond Follies”  on 24th and 25th  at Creative Arts Building Theatre, Pittsburg High School. This stage debut awakened in me the desire to preform in public. And I loved it! It’s like Las Vegas Musical review strutting their stuff, shaking their groove thing and just having fun. I have always had hearing problems and this time through countless rehearsals I was able to learn different dances and 5 costume changes. I know I made some mistakes however all people congratulate me and tell me how wonderful the performance was and how beautiful the costumes, I really felt good to accomplish so many dances even though I could not hear very much of the music. I will try to borrow some pictures and post them later to the blog.
This has really been a summer of discovering many inner abilities that I was unaware I possessed. If I had really stopped to think about them ahead of time I would be afraid to attempt because fear of failure. I am changing and I love it!

Photo Gallery – September 2016

September 2016

9/02/16: Birthday Party for members of Black Diamond Follies
9/05/16: Gold Rush Days – Old Town Sacramento, CA
9/09/16: SF Opera’s 94th Season Opening Night. Opera “Andrea Chénier”
9/10/16: Volunteering at Seafood & Music Festival
9/11/16: SF Opera’s “Opera in the Park” at Golden Gate Park
9/17/16: My friend and I went to “RV show” at Cal-Expo Sacramento, CA
9/20/16: Trimming tall Palm trees by professional
9/25/16: Our Black Diamond Follies performed in the theater
9/26/16: Our Black Diamond Follies performed in the theater

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