Central Valley

October 2016 Central Valley

Central Valley – Stockton

stockton-1Recently I visited my friend who lives in Morada – Morada is unincorporated zone in Northern part of Stockton, population less than 5,000 (White 75%, Hispanic/Latino 18%). This area is very nice and safe, compared to south of downtown Stockton.

People associate City of Stockton (a population of over 300,000 Hispanic/Latino 40%, White 37%): Ghetto, Gangs, and Violent Crimes.

The last time Stockton attracted so much attention was in 2008, as the biggest housing bubble America had ever enjoyed was turning into the biggest bust it had ever suffered. With nearly one in 10 homes repossessed that year alone, the city became known as the foreclosure capital of the US and it became the largest city in America to file for bankruptcy in 2012.

Positive side of  Stockton: The University of the Pacific (Pacific or UOP) is the oldest chartered university in California. I was told that Conservatory of Music has good reputation.

Central Valley – Fresno

fresno-7We visited Fresno for his granddaughters music concert. It’s University High School Music Dept. annual performance. This school is a charter high school on the campus of California State University, Fresno.
Following day, we drove around the city. My surprise was driving Van Ness Extension, the most prestigious neighborhood in the city, and boasts some of Fresno’s most elaborate homes and most affluent citizens. These gorgeous mansions are amazingly cheap compared to similar houses in East Bay such as Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda, & Blackhawk.
Drive several blocks, there are houses with airplane garages. Sierra Sky Park was the first aviation community to be built (1946), personal aircraft and automobiles to share certain roads.

Why in the world do people live where they live? I think it does not matter where you live because once you live in a certain place and settle in there, it becomes the best place to be. However, you have to consider “livability Index” such as Housing affordability, Employment opportunities, Neighborhood quality, Health access, Civic engagement, Alternative transportation, Environmental conditions,
In my case, as retired person and homeowner; Civic engagement, Alternative transportation are most important criteria. That’s why I live in San Francisco Bay Area. 

Photo Gallery – October 2016

October 2016

10/02/16: SF 49er’s game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA
10/08/16: SF Fleet Week Air Show & Lunch Cruise on San Francisco Belle paddleboat
10/12/16: Apple Hill Bus Tour. Placerville, CA
10/15/16: Oktoberfest. Walnut Creek, CA
10/26/16: Dentist. Fair Oaks, CA
10/26/16: Ballroom Dance – Halloween. Walnut Creek, CA
10/28/16: Music Concert. Fresno, CA
10/29/16: Explore downtown Fresno.

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