January 2017 Birthday

January is my birthday month. It was a nice celebration with friends.

I am happy to be here on the earth. I built my life alone and very proud of it. A woman from Japan, without knowing the language, having a disability, raised my son alone, educated myself, obtained a respectable job, and now I am living comfortable retirement life in San Francisco Bay Area.
I was able to go my dream cruise with someone (Solo cruise is too expensive. I cannot afford to pay the fare to cover the cost of the “missing” passenger.) I paid my one person cost. However, he treated me all shore excursions.

I explore many wonderful arts and cultural events here in SF Bay Area. So, it seems my life is good.

I hate to say, but, – – – I am battling personal demons for many years. As we get older, staying connected isn’t as easy as it once was. Certain circumstances contribute to loneliness and isolation. My demons are foolish mind-game of Mono no aware. Mono no aware, literally “the pathos of things“, “an empathy toward things”, or “a sensitivity to ephemera”, is a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence (無常 mujō), or transience of things, and both a transient gentle sadness (or wistfulness) at their passing as well as a longer, deeper gentle sadness about this state being the reality of life.

1/01/17: Football game. 49ers vs. Seahawks @ Levi’s Santa Clara
1/01/17: Stayed @ Marine’ Morial Hotel, SF
1/01/17: Cocktail @ Morton’s The Steakhouse SF
1/13/17: “Vertigo” Hitchcock’s movie @ Paramount Theatre Oakland
1/16/17: Martin Luther King Day @ Yerba Buena Gardens, SF
1/16/17: Martin Luther King Day @ Museum of African Diaspora SF
1/20/17: My Birthday.
1/20/17: “Finding Neverland” Broadway Musical @ Orpheum Theatre, SF
1/21/17: Basketball game. UOP Tigers vs. BYU Cougars @ Stockton
1/21/17: “Crab Feed” Fundraiser Dinner @ Stockton
1/30/17: Fred Korematsu Day: Civil Liberties And The Constitution

Photo Gallery – January 2017

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