The death of the imagination?

February 2017

I had a bad cold with every possible aches and pain. Luckily my friend cared for me – Watched streaming videos such as “The Crown,” “Downton abbey” and “The Collection.” at his house. (my TV has been intentionally disconnected for many years.)

Since I don’t have a TV, I watched old VHS video “Six Degrees of Separation” at home. I remember I saw the play in some San Francisco theater a long time ago. It was 1st National Tour and Marlo Thomas was cast of Ouisa. I only remembered one line “And never say “couch”. It’s “sofa”.”
The movie version of Ouisa was played by Stockard Channing, what struck me the most was “What is paralysis but the death of the imagination?” If our lives are too shallow, it’s only because we can’t imagine ourselves out of it.
I agree above statement. That’s why I challenge myself to act out my imaginations. So now, my imaginations become alive and finding myself more confidence and refined.

This (my) blog is anecdotes about my retired life. But they were all my experiences. I come to realize that my life has been filled with interesting experiences it has no inherent meaning of its own. Now, I desire to forge deeper relationships with others.

2/03/17: James Monroe Iglehart Concert @ LCA Walnut creek, CA
2/14/17: Valentine’s Day
2/19/17: Hadleigh Adams “Classical Broadway” show at El campanil Theatre in Antioch, CA
2/21/17: Annual Physical Checkup
2/24/17: SF Chamber Orchestra Concert @ Herbst Theatre, SF
2/26/17: Classic movie “In the heat of the night” @ Fox/Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton, CA
2/28/17: Visit Dr. Wu in Roseville, CA

Photo Gallery – February 2017

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