Friends & Family

April  2017 Friends & Family

I procrastinate way too much. A big pile of mess in my garage, indoor, outdoor, just everywhere. I couldn’t start cleaning because didn’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming.

My friend Richard came over at 9:00 AM with a trailer for hauling junk. His eldest son Tim and his wife Carolee came here from Fresno to help me. Richard supervised Tree-man, Tim, and Carolee had exceptionally good organizational skill. You wouldn’t believe how tasks completed efficiently. My son Robert and his wife Tina also showed up to help me.
I thanked them, and here is Carolee’s reply:

You are very welcome, that’s what family and friends are for, to help each other. : )
Honestly, it was a small task and went quickly with all of us working. Don’t feel bad, we all need to do “spring cleaning” once is a while and I am sure we all procrastinate as long as we can.
I am happy to help when you are ready to tackle the house. I love to organize and rearrange, especially for others.
Robert and Tina, it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.
Hope to see you all soon!
Carolee ♥

It made me realize the meaning of “Friends and family.”

There are many ways of defining a family and what being a part of a family means. I consider myself that I have no family for many years. Actually, I do have a son. He loves me whole a lot. I feel awkward to talk about my family relationships. 

etcetera 1
United Airlines passenger incident — When I see like that, the rage within me is all consuming and I wasn’t even a victim.

etcetera 2
The uncertainty of life — I was saddened by a stranger who I met died 2 days later. (he hit a tree while driving his 1939 Jaguar SS-100 on 4/25)

etcetera 3
“what you do with your life and what you find enjoyable with your life is up to you”

etcetera 4
Tim and Carolee Drove 150 miles to Richard’s house, then drove additional 53 miles to get to my house. Can you imagine not only they drove long distance, they worked very hard to clean, organize, and move junk. That is extraordinary acts of kindness. Richard, Tim, Carolee thank you. A month passed since then, I still cannot believe what they did for me.
I am very fortunate. I receive random acts of kindness from neighbors and complete strangers quite often. I wonder my neighbors are looking after for me because I’m a senior, single woman. You know, we forget to notice positive things so easily. Robert & Tina, you guys are always in my heart.

and again
Time marches on. We are all getting older. So, I am going to live a little longer. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird.

4/01/17: Pittsburg Women’s League Luncheon
4/02/17: Tree cutting, trimming by professional
4/02/17: Special friends helped big clean-up
4/09/17: Beaty Salon
4/14/17: DR. STRANGELOVE Classic movie
4/15/17: Lamb of God Easter Oratorio
4/17/17: Check up Women’s Health
4/21/17: A.C.T.’s Fellowship Project: Orlando by Virginia Woolf
4/22/17: Cal Day UC Berkeley – Earth Day
4/23/17: California Mille 2017 at Nob Hill
4/23/17: Kathy Mata Ballet Dance-week celebration
4/25/17: Docent-led tour. U.S. 9th circuit court of appeals
4/28/17: Opera “Mavra” and “Dido and Aeneas” SF Conservatory of Music
4/29/17: April Follies Same-Gender Ballroom Championships

Photo Gallery – April 2017 events of everyday life

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