Trump’s New Clothes

Trump’s New Clothes

Republicanism ideology 
Republicanism is a political ideology in opposition to monarchy and tyranny. However, Trump & his Whitehouse is tyranny. I hope the Republicans in both houses unite and act now to against the emperor(Trump). Please, any Republicans, if you have some personal integrity, preserve the true meaning of “the ideology of republicanism.”


Here is Trump’s New Clothes play:
Emperor – Trump
weavers – Sly con men, top aides Whitehouse
The child (boy) – the voice of consciousness. Majority Democrats

American right-wing Conservatives admired Trump and his new clothes until (not happening yet) one boy yelled that the Emperor had no clothes on. He is the only one that spoke the truth. We have a question whether anyone needs honesty and truth in a world ruled by lies.
Hypocrisy Of Conservatives
As a general ideology, Conservatism is opposed to the ideals of Liberalism and Socialism. Conservatism generally refers to right-wing politics which advocate the preservation of personal wealth and private ownership (Capitalism) and emphasize self-reliance and Individualism.
I respect good traditional values, cultures. However, there are so many human right violations existed in many countries. Now, we are understanding equality, we are cultivating Civilised Society. Republicans & conservative call that “Progressive / Liberal.”  I think the well-developed system of government, culture, and way of life and that treats the people who live there fairly: A fair justice system is a fundamental part of a civilized society.
I faced discrimination in this country, and it’s never ending because I am not one of them(white)
Liberal, conservative, socialist, radical, left-wing, right-wing, reactionary, rightist, ultraconservative, fascist. . . etc.,
We don’t know what really meant when we use those vocabularies.
Below link is an old article compiled by the Editors of  StudentNewsDaily on 2005. It’s may help understand (?)

About Stern Grove Festival

I am disappointed how they are handling festival.
I found the comment made by David D. of Berkeley, CA  6 years ago. He wrote:
A bit of the history…Stern Grove was donated to the City by Rosalie Stern  in memory of her husband Sigmund, the principal of Levi’s Co.  Rosalie envisioned Grove concerts that;
  • Provide high-quality performances
  • Free of charge, for all Bay Area residents and visitors.
  • Provide paid performance opportunities for professional artists and performers.

About San Francisco, Municipal Railway

is the public transit system for the city and county of San Francisco. Even I don’t live in The city. I find it very good system.
Well, well, , , they are testing the new light rail trains. It’s so wrong to shut-down during the day. They should be testing during the night, the overnight hours are sufficient to figure out what works or doesn’t. Sabotaging service on summer weekends is beyond stupid.


7/01/17: Stock Car Racing @ Stockton 99 Speedway
7/01/17: Huge FireWorks @ Stockton 99 Speedway
7/02/17: Huge FireWorks @  Stockton Dirt Track
7/02/17: Vietnam War Moving Wall
7/08/17: Ethnic Dance Festival Week-One @ SF Opera House
7/13/17: “Titanic” movie Orinda Theatre
7/14/17: Monaco Boys Choir, SF City Hall Rotunda
7/15/17: “Chevron Family Theatre Fest.” Lesher Center for the Arts
7/15/17: Ethnic Dance Festival Week-Two @ SF Opera House
7/16/17: Eric Burdon + The Animals
7/18/17: Hearing
7/20/17: CA State Fair Sacramento
7/23/17: Stern Grove Festival – Los Angeles Azules
7/27/17: Napa Valley Wine Train with Gourmet Lunch
7/30/17: Stern Grove Festival – SF Ballet

Photo Gallery – July 2017 events of everyday life

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