Short-term Memory

August  2017

(1) Insane American politics. I’m sick of it – no comment.

(2) I am overly concerned about my “mental and physical aging.”
I clearly noticed my brain function “dementia-like symptoms,” also I started feeling stiffness in my body when I try to get up after sitting for long period of time in front of my computer.

I was organizing my closets. While sorting/fixing things, I needed something from another room. Then, it happens,  “I know I came in here for something, but I can’t remember what it is …”  Just too many occurrences. Following day, I was going to visit Golden Gate Fields Horse Races alone. I researched every step of an itinerary. My plan was to get off BART at North Berkeley station and catch GGF free shuttle bus. However, I got off at Richmond and I have no idea why.  I got to races before First Post Time.

I went out many places by myself. I’m lucky to live in Bay area where I have easy access to cultural resources and activities. Joy, excitement, new ideas, gain insight, interaction with people (even just say hello and smile.) It is much better than just sitting in the house.

I know many older people prefer the quality of a rustic, solitary beauty that comes with weathering and age. That wabi/sabi no longer attract me.

I’m so eager to find new experiences. I’m free of any obligation to anyone, have a few more years to live (? hope so ?), am still mobile. Yes, Now is the time.

Long life? No.
Meaningful life? Yes.

The function of man is to live, not to exist.
I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.
I shall use my time.”
– Jack London

8/01/17: National night out – Pittsburg, ca
8/04/17: Friday evening – Pittsburg Marina
8/06/17: Nihonmachi Street Fair – Japantown
8/08/17: Hilda Huang, Pianist – Noontime Concerts
8/08/17: Master Class – Harpsichord at SF Conservatory of Music
8/10/17: Movie “American Graffiti” special guests
8/12/17: Rosie the Riveter Rally – Richmond CA
8/13/17: Diablo Japanese Festival – Concord, CA
8/16/17: Autodesk Gallary SF
8/16/17: around The Embercadero (Rincon Annex, Greenwich & Filbert Steps)
8/17/17: Concord Summer Music & Market – Orquesta Borinquen Salsa Band
8/19/17: Civil War Living History Day at Fort Point, SF
8/20/17: Klipptones at Castro
8/20/17: Mission Dolores Park, and Basilica
8/20/17: Clarion Alley Murals
8/27/17: Dollar Day Golden Gate Field Horse Races

Photo Gallery – August 2017 events of everyday life

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