Opera Opera

September  2017

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(1) Opera Season Opening Night
SF Opera – Season Opening night was fantastic. I wore a Chinese inspired standing collar cloth and small tiara because TURANDOT is a princess in Beijing.
I enjoyed Opera itself (didnot disappoint me at all) and honoring Music Director Nikola was great.

I have seen Puccini’s TURANDOT at the Forbidden City Beijing 1998 Multi Lang. In Cc [Etcohod] on YouTube. It was Zhang Yimou’s production. You should see it. It’s extraordinary.
Also, Turandot, live from The Royal Opera House on YouTube. NewYork Met Opera’s Turandot will be playing in October & November. Set Designed by Franco Zeffirelli production. It’s a gorgeous set.

(2) Did you know what is PARK(ing) Day?
PARK(ing) Day is the third Friday in September! PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers, and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

(3) New RV Camping Trip (first-timers)
My friend & I did RV camping on US Hwy 395 Destination Manzanar Internment Camp.
It was a good experience. Water & electricity hookup didn’t work right first night at Mono Lake. It was only one blanket to sleep. I wore 6 layered clothes, even put bath towel and curtains over my body. Following morning, we bought blankets at Mammoth Lakes. The McGee Creek RV Park employee “Steve” was a godsend to us. He took a lot of time to help to fix and explaining numerous problems. Thanks to him, we slept well. Also, my friend Richard. he did everything by himself. Sorry I couldn’t help. Overall, we had a good trip anyway.

(4) My sister (unexpectedly) passed away on Sept. 25.

(5) Getting ready for Mexican Riviera Cruise

9/02/17: SF Shakes Hamlet at Presidio
9/08/17: Opera opening night Turandot
9/10/17: Opera in the Park – Golden Gate Park
9/14/17: Rolex Big Boats Series – St. Francis Yacht Club
9/14/17: Concord Music and Market
9/14/17: artwork of Sush Machida – Consulate General of Japan
9/15/17: PARK(ing) Day – Bandaloop Performance | Oakland
9/21/17: RV Camping – Mono Lake
9/22/17: RV Camping – McGee Creek, Mammoth Lakes
9/23/17: RV Camping – Visited Manzanar
9/25/17: My sister (unexpectedly) passed away on 9/25/17
9/30/17: Drive to LA for Mexican cruise

Photo Gallery – September 2017 events of everyday life

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