Mexico-Riviera Cruise

October  2017

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(1) Mexico-Riviera Cruise
I had a voucher for this cruise from my last year Hawaii cruise. I Love Cruises. Pampered life. I wish I could live on the ship. Some wealthy seniors do.
Here is a quote by Annie Ilonzeh: Being pampered is great, but sometimes I like to do those things myself because it’s a little therapeutic and gives me some downtime for myself – and I need that.
I enjoyed every port of call. I would like to go back to Cabo San Lucas for more outdoor adventure activities. I loved everything about the ship. Great foods, fantastic entertainments, activities, relaxation etc.,
Isn’t it wonderful to go World cruise? It’s very steep lowest $22k to $45k for 100+ days – average $25K to $65K (ouch!!! my Bucket List)

(2) Verdi’s “La Traviata” – SF Opera Conductor Nicola’s Final day
He’s such a great conductor. He continues to be busy. He has engagements with Metropolitan Opera, Madrid’s Teatro Real, London’s Royal Opera, Covent Garden. In December, Nicola Luisotti will conduct the Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala at Carnegie Hall.
I will definitely come see him if/when he comes to SF Opera as a guest conductor.

(3) I like dress-up
There are plenty of people out there with a profound love for opera as a living art form. Some have a deep intellectual appreciation for the subtleties of the music. I enjoy mostly atmosphere. I don’t have much of knowledge. The opera house is a beautiful, elegant building. Why not take advantage to have an occasion to play dress-up? For me, it felt right to be dressed up. I do receive many compliments when I dressed-up. I’m nobody however people love to take pictures with me. That’s compliments. Can you wear jeans? Sure. Should you wear jeans? No.

(4) The deadly wildfires that have ravaged Northern California
It was devastating news. It’s so close to SF bay area. I can smell the smoke. I really felt heartaches for those wildfire victims. > Fire began Oct. 8 > 200,000 acres have burned in Wine Country. Another 36,000 acres have burned farther north in Mendocino county > 42 death toll > 8,400 structures destroyed > 11 destroyed wineries >> Since October, Cal Fire has battled 250 new wildfires statewide >>11,000 firefighters across the state—including 3,800 inmate volunteers

(5) Pneumonia shot
I had a Flu shot. Also, I had a pneumonia shot. All adults 65 years or older should get a pneumonia shot.

10/01/17: Cruise – Port of Los Angeles
10/02/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/03/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/04/17: Cruise – Puerto Vallarta
10/05/17: Cruise – Mazatlan
10/06/17: Cruise – Cabo San Lucas
10/07/17: Cruise – At Sea
10/08/17: Cruise – Port of Los Angeles
10/13/17: Donation for Wine Country wildfires
10/13/17: Flu shot & Pneumonia shot
10/17/17: SF Opera “LA TRAVIATA”
10/25/17: de Young Museum – new exhibit ‘Teotihuacan’
10/25/17: 16th Avenue Tiled Steps
10/27/17: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Photo Gallery – October 2017 events of everyday life

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