November  2017

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They say the only certain thing in life is uncertainty

I rather not write it because of a private matter.

Thanksgiving Day
I spent wonderful Thanksgiving Day at friend’s house this year. We prepared everything from scratch except pecan and pumpkin pies. A brined turkey (soaked in a salt+spices water for days before cooking.) was delicious. Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows. Pecan Pie melted in my mouth. Richard, thank you for the invitation. I had a great time with your family.

Celebrate a harvest and to give thanks
In Japan, “Labor Thanksgiving Day” is a national holiday which takes place annually on November 23. A day to show gratitude to any working person, thanking them for their diligence and laborious efforts. So, it’s similar date and name to “Thanksgiving Day” in the US. Therefore, people equate these two as same.
I don’t think they are the same. “Thanksgiving Day” in the US is to celebrate a harvest and to give thanks. It is more similar to Japan’s “Harvest Moon Festival.” “Tsukimi” literally moon-viewing, also known as Jugoya. My mother cooked dinner incorporate all seasonal ingredients. Steamed newly harvested Rice with Gingko Nuts, Chestnuts, Matsutake mushrooms. Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Croquettes, Salt-Grilled Sanma (Pacific saury.) We place offerings (any seasonal fruits/veggie – for the moon) on the window sill. It’s a rather quiet and solemn manner. Very poetic.
You can visit Google Doodle about it. The story of the rabbit who lives on the moon.

11/03/17: Chabot Space & Science Center – $5 First Fridays night
11/04/17: Golden Gate Fields Horse racing – Breeders’ Cup Turf Club Package
11/12/17: SF Civic Symphony – @ Herbst Theater – Mozart to Mendelssohn
11/12/17: My friend Trudie’s sister Rose’s Big 6-0 B-Day
11/16/17: SF Opera “Manon” music by Jules Massenet
11/23/17: Thanksgiving Dinner at friend’s house
11/26/17: 49ers vs. Seahawks American Football game

Photo Gallery – November 2017 events of everyday life


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