Bid farewell to 2017

December  2017

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Family in Japan
My elder sister passed away in September 2017 in Japan. She was a powerful matriarch of the family. She focused on family loyalty and traditional achievement all her life. I was the second daughter, spoiled but not much of attention, with a feeling of exclusion. My sister ordered all family members to not to communicate with me. Finally, she is dead. I have no tears to shed for her. I received emails from my youngest brother a few days ago. It was very sad to find out so many relatives passed away, one died under mysterious circumstances. I feel the transience of life. I determined to live “this moment.”

I need to go back to Japan in Spring to meet with family lawyers and judicial scriveners. My sister disowned and disinherited me after both my parents passed away. It’s very complicated story with unusual family situations and her legal manipulations.

a reason for being
My life in SF & Bay Area – so far, so good. I had a good travel companion this year.
I do have the mental torment of not having “i-ki-ga-i” ( (ee-kee-gah-ee) means “a reason for being” or “to have a purpose in life.”
I like to feel that my life is worth living. There are people whose lives are meaningful even though they may not be very happy. Therefore, HAPPINESS does not always equate with IKIGAI.

 12/03/17: Horse race & Lunch at Turf Club Golden Gate Fields Complimentary invitation from the executive.
12/04/17: SF City Hall “World Tree of Hope”

12/12/17: Steve Martin’s “Bright Star” musical at Curran Theatre SF
12/13/17: Movie: Murder on the Orient Express
12/16/17: Disney’s “Aladdin,” the hit Broadway musical
12/20/17: SF Ballet Nutcracker
12/27/17: Black & White Ball at local venue
12/31/17: New Year’s Eve Bell-Ringing Asian Art Museum

Photo Gallery – December 2017 events of everyday life

2 thoughts on “Bid farewell to 2017

  1. From Richard Sparacio on 1/4/2018
    (your comments on “2018 Photo Gallery” page unable to display it. so put it in this post)

    Dear Hisako I am so sorry to hear how you were treated by your older sister. Perhaps now that she is gone you can be more welcomed and connected with remaining family. Maybe when you return to Japan you will be greeted with the honor and proper respect you deserve.
    Your pictures are wonderful. I love your blog and always look forward to both reading your comments and looking at all of your adventures.
    Although we have never met I feel like I know you well. You seem Like a long time friend. Keep those wonderful pictures coming…. you look great!!!
    Your old friend in spirit Richard

    PS – your life is very meaningful to me and others, I am sure. Never doubt that fact. You may never know the impact your life has on others but surely it has!! Hugs Richard

  2. My dear old friend, Rich,
    I’ve never met you, however, you saved my life in Autumn of 2011. I had severe depression and it was struggling to get out of my house. I even couldn’t go grocery shopping. You have stumbled upon my blog and contacted me. Rich, yourself is a therapist and pushed me to seek professional help. Now I am happier than before. I can’t thank you enough for quite literally saving my life.
    I wish you good health, love & affiliation. These are central to our meaning of life.
    – Love Hisako

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