Worst Birthday month ever!

January  2018

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Worst Birthday month ever!

Why everything is so messed up, this month? I didn’t have a joyous time celebrating my Birthday because it was completely ruined.

I have been complaining that how fat I am becoming. I planned to take Weight Management Program Liquid Fasting, average a weight loss of 3-5 pounds per week, (Hmm,  ) is tempting, seducing, luring.
I don’t know how I can stick to strict diet regimen for a long time. It cost around $5,000. However, I must go to Japan for 2 weeks in Spring, I cannot participate 9 to 12-month program. Instead, I joined Planet Fitness Gym and I bought a “deskciycle” exerciser for myself. Right now, I cannot go to the GYM, cannot use “deskcycle”, too much body aches. Almost, my cold (upper respiratory infection) is over.

I accomplished travel plan while I was sick
1) Purchased Non-stop round trip ticket
2) Hotel reservations completed (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagano)
3) Booked Snow Monkeys tour in Nagano
4) Identified things to see and do (plus admissions, distances)
5) Figured out all details of transportations (lines, timetables, fares)
6) Looking forward to seeing family/relatives

1/01/18: Japanese Tea Garden -Golden Gate Park, SF
It is traditional for Japanese people to visit a shrine or a temple during New Year’s holidays.
1/19/18: Birthday Dinner
1/20/18: Didn’t go to College Basketball game
1/21/18: Cancelled “Gala of the Royal Horses”
1/24/18: Annual Wellness check-up visit

Photo Gallery – January 2018 events of everyday life

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