Philosophical Attitude

March – Philosophical Attitude

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I’d been complaining about my ruined Birthday in January. I think I have unresolved inner conflict. I need to “let it go…”

I read an article somewhere, It’s said ” Pipe City’s inhabitants are discouraged, lonely, filled with a terrible feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Some of them have learned that a philosophical attitude helps, to make concrete either soft or warm!”

What is Pipe City?
The story of Pipe City (from OMCA website Posted by Alexis Madrigal)
In the winter of 1932-1933, the Bay, like the rest of the country, was deep in the Depression. In cities across America, the homeless gathered into encampments. Oakland’s most famous was Pipe City also known as Miseryville. Roughly 200 men were allowed to live in sections of unused sewer pipes by the American Concrete and Steel Pipe Company.

The camp had a kind of underground government headed by an elected mayor, Dutch Jensen, who administered the area, distributing food and work, and preventing drinking, fighting, and “political” talk. Pipe City became a model for Upton Sinclair’s novel Co-Op: A Novel of Living Together and served as a launching pad for the Unemployed Exchange Association, a remarkable attempt to build a barter economy in Oakland.

At the end of the winter, the company who owned them found a buyer for the pipes, and the residents cleaned up and dispersed.

3/01/18: Drove 180 miles in the heavy storm
3/02/18: Took Cellphone private lesson
3/04/18: Volunteer to clean up the street
3/04/18: Oakland Museum of California
3/05/18: Lunch with my former BofA associate
3/06/18: A bone stuck in my throat, emergency hospital
3/08/18: SF Ballet. Frankenstein
3/18/18: Branden & James Concert
3/21/18: Fly to Tokyo from San Francisco

Photo Gallery – March 2018 events of everyday life

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