Once upon a time,

Japan – Once upon a time,

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I just got home today (April 5th) from Japan.

Japan is very clean, beautiful, and high-tech. Therefore I felt somehow complicated. It becomes so easy after you try once.
My sister-in-law gave me my old picture on China plate that she found while cleaning my parent’s empty house. It reminded me of most exciting time in my life. It was totally new generation era. I experienced a bit of carefree and eclectic lifestyle.
That my youthfulness is gone now.
Well, youthfulness is a state of mind, youthfulness is an attitude. . . So, I like to feel new vitality, stay curious and excited about life. And, I am trying to mark off my bucket lists.

I met my brother’s family, we had a splendid time; one to be remembered by all who were there.
uh-oh, I forgot to mention that this beautiful family collage was created by Nana (my brother’s oldest son’s wife)

Japan – wonderful gifts,

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