Poignant old letters

Poignant old letters

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May – Poignant old letters
It has been over a month since I returned from Japan.
I found old letters from my parents. In one particular letter from my, both parents described an abundance of love for me. The letter made me cry so hard. My sister condemned me due to my lack of “filial piety” many years ago.  However, every parent loves their children unconditionally.
I only have one sibling (my brother) in Japan now, it’s a poignant reminder of the passing of time. Also, it created existential anxiety.

5/03/18: I created Cactus Pot Garden
5/06/18: SF Ballet ” Unbound A”
5/08/18: SF Botanical Garden
5/12/18: Mother’s Day
5/25/18: BART at Antioch Station
5/27/18: Carnaval San Francisco
5/30/18: Senior Prom Dance

May  2018

2 thoughts on “Poignant old letters

  1. Dear Ms. Hisako

    How wonderful that you were able to connect with the love of your parents through old letters. Reading those tender, caring words written by your parents should erase any doubts you may have had about about your connection to the parents and family that loved you no matter what harsh words were said by older sister. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures of your adventures.

    Warmest regards Rich

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