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June – Condolence
Morning of June 7th, my son’s father passed away peacefully. He had pain all over his body for 3 months, then finally admitted to the emergency. Doctors discovered cancer in his lung, spinal, bones, and spread all over his body. He died within 10 days. He was amazingly good looking even on deathbed. I haven’t seen him for quite long time. I exclaimed, “Wow, you are so handsome!” He replied “Handsome Devil” yes, indeed. His mind was very sharp and alert. I gave him my forgiveness and blessing.

My son, Robert was busy, going thru Checklist details and responsibilities after father’s death.
He asked me to take care dog “Fang.” I promised him for just one month. He is a good dog.

Enjoy this moment…Life is so fleeting.
The time is now! I want to travel more if I don’t do it now, it’s too late.

6/01/18: “Stomper” Oakland A’s mascot
6/02/18: Visited my Ex-husband in the hospital
6/06/18: Shadelands Ranch Museum
6/07/18: My son’s father passed away
6/08/18: Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company
6/09/18: Gamelan Sekar Java at YBG
6/10/18: Orphaned dog arrived
6/17/18: North beach festival
6/20/18: Lightshow & Summer Solstice Concert
6/22/18: Berkeley Community Chorus & Orchestra
Mendelssohn, St. Paul Oratorio, Op. 36
6/24/18: SF Pride Parade
6/30/18: Pasados del Presidio

June  2018

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