Kindness Of Neighbors

Kindness of neighbors

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July – Kindness of neighbors
Big thanks to Leo. He is my neighbor, replaced the old damaged fence. As anybody knows that high-cost of labor. Leo volunteered to do all the work for free. He learned handyman skills from YouTube videos after retirement from trading securities job. Other-side of my neighbor also voluntarily fix things for me. Across the street, neighbor keeps an eye on the safety of me and my house – often I forget to close the garage door. Maria lives several doors away, she often comes to get me for her home-cooking dinners – she knows I don’t like to cook.


A first-time grandma (not sure it’s appropriate to write this on here)?
My son Robert informed me that I’ll be a first-time grandma in January. Big surprise and least expected. Tina is a “high risk” pregnancy. Her OB/GYN says she has a 50/50 shot of carrying the baby to term. She lost her premature baby many years ago.
I really hope they have a healthy baby in January. Tina will be the best mom in the world.
Oh, I cannot wait to hold the baby in January. Too excited. . . Tina & Robert, Love you a lot.

Note: I’m looking for travel companions – Share expenses.
The time is now! I want to travel more if I don’t do it now, it’s too late.

7/01/18: SF Opera Ring Cycle #4
7/04/18: 4th of July Celebration
7/06/18: Rotunda Dance Series
7/08/18: Hamlet – Actors Ensemble of Berkeley
7/09/18: Leo my kindest neighbor
7/10/18: Free Chick-Fil-A
7/14/18: Ethnic Dance Festival – Week 1
7/15/18: ‘Ice Mother’ Movie Czech Republic
7/19/18: Rugby World Cup 7’s Welcome Ceremony
7/21/18: Chevron Family Theatre Festival
7/22/18: Ethnic Dance Festival – Week 2
7/28/18: International Tea & Fashion show
7/28/18: SF Civic Music Assoc

July  2018

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