Blue rose – an unrealizable dream

The Blue rose – an unrealizable dream

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August – Blue Rose
I had a brief encounter with someone who is a very high profile in business and charming individual. I’d say he is “Blue Rose – an unattainable dream.” Since the blue rose itself is a rarity in nature, it symbolizes the impossible or the unattainable. So, I’m feeling a bit of “the pathos of things” right now.

Excuse my language, what the heck. Maybe there won’t be sweet kisses, so? Life goes on. I live my own life and nurse my own wounds (Am I a strong woman? Not really. . . Live in America, I must pretend to be strong.  I guess that’s a name of the game.)

Orphaned Dog
This dog is amazing. I realized he is the one true companion for me. Don’t tell that to my son. My son brought this dog to me in June due to the owner (my son’s father) passed away. Strangely, he doesn’t respond to his name ‘Fang’, so I just say ‘hey’ when I need his attention. He avoids eye contact, doesn’t lick my face.
I took him with me for our adventurers. We had a good time every time, every place. Passerby strangers loved him. Everybody tells me “He is a keeper”. He is actually a better companion than any human.  I guess…

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

8/04/18: The UC Berkeley Summer Symphony
8/05/18: Nihonmachi Street Fair Doggie World
8/07/18: National Night Out, Pittsburg
8/08/18: Movie at Orinda Theatre
8/11/18: Salesforce Park a grand opening
8/15/18: Rose Garden Oakland
8/16/18: Charmaine’s Rooftop Bar at SF
8/18/18: Aloha Poly Fest
8/22/18: Lands End – Hike with a dog
8/22/18: Union Square Live – Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble
8/24/18: Crazy Rich Asians Movie
8/25/18: Volunteer – clean my street
8/26/18: Golden Gate Fields – Live Horse Racing
8/28/18: Opera Preview: Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci

Photo Gallery – August 2018 events of everyday life

2 thoughts on “Blue rose – an unrealizable dream

  1. Dear Hisako

    This is the the most beautiful website. I always look forward to the monthly updates. —— Any new travel companions must have a lot of energy and stamina to keep up with Ms. Hisako.

    You do not need to nurse any wounds or feel any “Pathos”. You are the “Blue Rose”. Not the other individual.

    • Wow, Richard, that is so comforting. You brighten my mood, so I went to the backyard and did the backbreaking job – cleaning fallen leaves, removing roots, and more. That is my “domesticated” side of me.
      P.S. I never able to “domesticated men” that is a reason I am single. (my little joke here)
      Richard, please take care.

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