Opera in the Park

Opera in the Park Concert

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SF Opera’s annual al fresco concert in Golden Gate Park. Many years, people enjoyed Maestro Nicola Luisotti led the world’s big singing stars in a concert of arias, duets, and ensembles accompanied by the San Francisco Opera Orchestra.

From Tuscan village to San Francisco opera house, Nicola Luisotti’s route to stardom reads like a feel-good Hollywood movie.
Maestro Nicola Luisotti served Music director & Conductor at San Francisco Opera from 2009 to 2017.

Former General director David Gockley (2006–2016) said: “I believe that it speaks of glamour, sophistication, tradition, and innovation all things that infuse our plans for the future of San Francisco Opera.”  David Gockley announced on January 2007, that bringing on Luisotti as the company’s music director was a large part of his goal to “reinvigorate the core Italian repertory that is San Francisco Opera’s birthright.”

He no longer with SF Opera and moved on.
I like to say “thank you” I miss him very much. He is the personable and energetic maestro.
Nice to know he is busy with the Teatro Real di Madrid, and the Metropolitan Opera in the 2018/19 season.

By the way, someone sent me a private email after seeing my blog about Richard Wagner’s four Operas of the Ring Cycle.
I saw only one of them it’s called The Ring of the Nibelung #4. Gotterdammerung: “The Twilight of the Gods” on July 1st. 2018.
He wrote:
You remind me of someone who would spend 10 hours in line to get standing room only tickets to watch/hear a five-hour Wagnerian opera. I have chosen to step it up a bit, and only get premium seats or I don’t go. So the $500 to get my ticket to see Siegfried this summer was a bit extravagant.
– – – (a lot of gibberish here) – – –
I’m still working so no ocean voyage to Europe… it’d be a quick first class trip and back… I need to maintain my income for as long as I can… $500k isn’t enough for me to maintain a lifestyle without it. – – – (and more gibberish) – – –
Δ¥Δ¥   Mr. whoever, thanks for your email. Actually, I didn’t appreciate it. Please understand me that I am a retiree. I’m a frugal person (not cheap). I love all the luxury in the world just like you do. How do I get a luxury without a lot of money? For example, Broadway Musical or play – I go straight to the box office of the venue on a performance day. I say ‘I need only one ticket, I’m on a tight budget.’ He’d give me a center-front orchestra seat for the bargain price.  To get that, you must be charming. And, I am. (giggle)

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