Glamorous Evening

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September – Glamorous Evening
An elegant and glamorous evening of SF Opera Season Opening Night. A new production of The Phantom of the Opera at Orpheum Theatre.

September flew by so quickly and what a wonderful month it was. My kimono draw a lot of attention at Opera House. A Young business exec invited me for The Phantom show. I was pleasantly surprised because he was “a man of impeccable character.”

On the other hand, autumn equinox puts me in a wistful mood. In Japan, people celebrate the autumn equinox called “HIGAN” – the Japanese pay their respects to their deceased ancestors.

What is in my mind right now:

  • I like to travel near and far. – – Anybody? be my companion?
  • Experience as much as I can, to learn, to inspire, to embrace ~~.
  • Emotional equilibrium disturbed?
  • I totally believe Albert Einstein’s “time is a relative” concept.
    Time is relative and flexible. According to Einstein, “the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion”. Thus, the reality is ultimately TIMELESS. And remember, even if love is an illusion, that doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful and real (to our brain, anyway).
Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

9/01/18: Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
9/02/18: Sun Kings Beatles Cover Band. Pleasant Hill
9/07/18: Opera Opening Night: Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci
9/09/18: Opera in the Park Concert. GGP Robin Williams Meadow
9/12/18: Union Square Live – Moonalice (American Roots/Folk)
9/15/18: Phantom of the Opera. Orpheum Theatre, SF
9/20/18: Annual Grants Convening. Herbst Theatre, SF
9/29/18: Oakland Block Party (ft. Jax The Band & Yo-Yo Ma)
9/30/18: Movie ‘Magic Kimono’ at Japantown
9/30/18: SF Music Day Herbst Theatre

Photo Gallery – September 2018 events of everyday life

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