Hawaii Cruise

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15-night Hawaiian Island cruise

My 15-night Hawaiian Islands cruise on October 24 through November 8 was fantastic. I shared a cabin with a complete stranger. Luckily, he was very kind and considerate. He was an early riser and I was opposite. So, we never really saw each other. I enjoyed pampering, good foods, dressed up after 6:00 PM. Due to my fashion, people noticed me every night. I purchased shore excursion “Road to Hana Tour” from the Princess. Lahaina to Hana is a long way. The brochure indicates the trip may not complete due to 620 curves and 59 narrow one-lane bridges. However, the bus driver kept going and stopping places to show us the best of Maui. Princess had to wait 2.5 hour extra.

aloha = hello, love, or goodbye
mahalo = thank you
ohana = family

What did I learn from Grand Princess:

  • Mostly senior couples
  • This time we had a very good Cruise director – kept daily activity program fun.
  • This time I chose “anytime dining.” It is fun if you don’t mind sharing a table with other people, you get know them.
  • I had “Table for One” dinner at Michelangelo Restaurant. Because I am hard of hearing, it is painful to set there two hours with others. Due to only one table, I must go there after 7:45. But it’s Okay, head waiters and waiters treat me nice.
  • Make sure to bring “List of all medicines you are taking” – My roommate got Flu-like illness, very early on a voyage. If he had flu, cabin must be quarantined. He was OK. Japanese elderly woman got stomach problem moment she got onboard then flew out to SF from Honolulu.
  • All passengers have different enjoyment.
    • Vietnamese people from Sacramento did Ballroom dance every day. They are good.
    • Many passengers play card games, read books, knitting, etc, where ever they can find tables and chairs. Continuation of their living room.
    • Some of the passenger challenge for Karaoke, Voice etc. They go on cruises for singing. They enjoy pleasing other people and they get affirmation.
    • I had the same cruise with the same ship (Grand Princess) two years ago. Are you afraid of flying? I have an ear problem, that’s why I chose the ship. The ship had a problem, we had to fly out from Honolulu.
PS. Nov. 9 On Royal Princess, 52-Year-Old Woman Thrown Off Ship.  Man Arrested. Stranger maybe safer. because normally, murder by husband or boyfriend.
Note: I’m looking for travel companions. Male/Female (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

10/24/18: San Francisco. 5:00 PM embarkation bound for Hilo
10/25/18: At Sea. Pacific ocean. Hilo is over 2,000 miles
10/26/18: At Sea. An average speed of 19 knots
10/27/18: At Sea.
10/28/18: At Sea. Poor visibility. Used 5 radar scanners
10/29/18: Hilo. Completed transpacific crossing  Rainy day
10/30/18: Honolulu. “Ala Moana” shopping. Rainy day
10/31/18: Nawiliwili. “Waimea Canyon” tour
11/01/18: Lahaina. The road to Hana tour, Halloween
11/02/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/03/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/04/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/05/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/06/18: At Sea. 4:00 PM Arrived at Ensenada, Mexico
11/07/18:  At Sea. along the west coast of Calif.
11/08/18: At 7:00 AM San Francisco. Disembarkation

Photo Gallery – 2018 Hawaii

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