Poorest president

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Jose Mujica: The world’s “poorest” president

Can we exchange Donald Trump to Jose Mujica ???

I was impressed by a speech made by Jose Mujica president of Uruguay September 2013 United Nations General Assembly 68th Session. I want to shout – What a man! What a mighty good man!
Please, see UN Page.
Uruguay | H.E. Mr. Jose Mujica, President | September 2013 (68th Session)
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Here is his interview videos on YouTube:

Jose Mujica – I earn more than I need

Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica lives in a ramshackle farmhouse and gives away 90% of his salary.

President Obama’s Bilateral Meeting with President Mujica of Uruguay

I love Obama, however, I was disappointed because he said was typical politician talk. Obama said that two countries developed an as strong relationship, trade & commerce has expanded, etc., etc, He failed to say any specific contents. Mujica appealed that Uruguay needs teachers, advanced skilled professionals from the U.S.  I wish I can volunteer someway, however, I have no skill. Perdón, pero no hablo español.

Things happened around me in November:

  • I got back from a wonderful Hawaii Vacation on Nov. 8th. I enjoyed the solo cruise. I’ll do that again.
  • I returned the foster dog to my son just before my vacation, my son found a new home for this dog. I miss him very much.
  • California faced Deadly fires started on Nov. 8th Camp Fire in NorCal and Woolsley Fire in SoCal. Thank God, rain started on 21st. The fire reached 100% containment after 17 days on November 25, 2018. The fire caused at least 88 civilian fatalities, also 196 still missing. 18,804 building was lost. How displaced people going to face this holiday season and cold winter. Unimaginable!!!
Note: I’m looking for travel companions. Male/Female (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now! Steve Jobs Quotes “Life is brief, and then you die,” That will dramatically shift my Mindset.

11/01/18: Lahaina. The road to Hana tour, Halloween
11/02/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/03/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/04/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/05/18: At Sea. Pacific
11/06/18: At Sea. 4:00 PM Arrived at Ensenada, Mexico
11/07/18: At Sea. along the west coast of Calif.
11/08/18: At 7:00 AM San Francisco. Disembarkation
11/08/18: Camp Fire in Butte County, Northern California
11/09/18: Smoke haze drifting over the Bay Area from the Camp Fire
11/10/18: Contemporary dance at Green Room, SF
11/10/18: Pier 39 Firework
11/13/18: Bad air, I got a cold
11/19/18: Pay it forward: cleaning up our streets and sidewalk
11/22/18: Thankful for rain’s help in battling “Camp Fire” and “Woolsey Fire” blaze
11/24/18: Guitars not Guns Annual FundRaiser
11/28/18: Taylor Mac’s HOLIDAY SAUCE at Curran Theatre

Photo Gallery – November 2018

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