2018 – Solitary life

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December – Solitary life
I’ve been living a solitary life too long – (I’m not trying to achieve elevated states of spiritual purity – I’m not a monk.) By nature, we’re social beings – So I go out alone and be near people. And, I’m good at that.
Well, So far, I’m doing fine. I aged well, presentable in public even though I had a lot of stress in my life (people tell me I look good – haha. maybe it’s an obligatory compliment. Didn’t mean a thing.) I didn’t have a single date entire year. I must change that.

I hear retiree saying “what am I going to do the next 30 years.” Who knows, many live close to 100 with Cognitive (dementia), and physical impairments. Me? Forget about the next 30 years. I’m concentrating “at this moment” to next 3 to 5 years.

My advice to myself is “self-love”. I may be insecure or hateful about myself from time to time. I deserve love and respect just like everyone else – You must agree with me on this 🙂

Life flows like a river, yet my personal life hadn’t changed much. I had a bitter encounter with my own family this month. On the other hand, so many kindnesses I received from my neighbors and community – Love, that is.

A young man asked me, “If you could get a present from Santa what would it be?” My answer will be courage & virtues.
I wish he would give me the courage so I can challenge my bucket lists. From Road trip on Hwy 1 coastal to travel around the world. I’ll take the risk in the year 2019, however, gingerly.

Experiences – that is important to me. Good or Bad. Taking down protective walls, test my vulnerability. It will whip me hard emotionally, mentally and physically. I need that to feel “alive”.  It’s scary but I think worth it.

I really, really hope some good change happen in my life. So, I can say “How strange life is.”

Thank you for reading, being alone on Holiday Seasons and thick winter’s fog (sunny today) made me write this rants. My apology to readers – I’m kind of depressed, my blog is nothing like a feel-good movie. It’s wrong to sugar-coat, just for sake of reader’s acceptance.

My Best of 2018 (1) Trip to Japan. (2) had fostered a lovely dog for 4 months (3) 15-day Hawaiian cruise

  Note: To Mr. Not-a-liberal-elitist. He wrote to me on Dec. 7: Today is Pearl Harbor day. The day the Japanese cowardly attacked my beloved country. Also, I’ve been discriminated against because “I’M WHITE”
OK, here is “My two cents” for him: Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s always an Asian, Better than you. 😉

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

12/04/18: SF Opera – It’s a Wonderful Life
12/08/18: Baby shower – Roseville, CA
12/15/18: Winter Ball – Pittsburg, CA
12/18/18: Photo shoots – Golden Gate Park, SF
12/22/18: Woodminster Cascade in Joaquin Miller Park – Oakland, CA
12/26/18: Black & White Ball – Walnut Creek, CA
12/29/18: SF Ballet – Nutcracker

Photo Gallery – December 2018 events of everyday life

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