Happy Birthday to me

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January – Happy Birthday!

I celebrated my Birthday at Alice Waters’ acclaimed flagship Chez Panisse in Berkeley on 20th January 2019. Nothing fancy yet gives you warm, intimate and comfortable feeling. You never forget the taste of whatever you eat here, I cannot explain it in English.
As you know about the demise of dress codes nowadays. I wore Kimono because I’m a birthday girl.

  1. There is a newborn baby boy aka Grandson. Born at 2:46 AM on 1/09/2019 (Wed) – Sebastian Max Wilson. 7 pounds, 10 ounces – Mother and baby are doing well.
    To Tina & Robert “Warmest congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy!”
    This baby already has a wonderful live-in Grandma in Roseville, I live 90 miles away but I hope to be a part of Baby’s life as he grows.
  2. I received a Facebook friend request from my nephew’s wife. I’m happy about reconnecting with her. The first time I met her was when I visited Japan last year. Perhaps we will not meet again.
  3. I know the most promising SF Ballet dancer Norika Matsuyama. She danced “Cupid” in Don Quixote opening night program. During intermission, I was in the auditorium. Two women approached me and said, “‘I read your blog.” I’ve never met them before. Oh my gosh, They are Norika’s mother (flew here from Japan yesterday) and sister (Engineering student in LA.) I Was Too Shocked and Stunned, and my brain blanked out momentarily. It was my pleasure to meet both of you. I have a special respect for Norika’s mother for raising fine daughters.
Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

1/05/19: 48th Annual Oshogatsu Matsuri (Japanese New Year Festival)
1/06/19: BCCO – The Spectre’s Bride: Antonin Dvorak’s Cantata, Op.69
1/09/19: My first Grandson arrived
1/12/19: Asian Art Museum Mochi pounding. SF, CA
1/13/19: Foreign Film – Becoming Astrid (2018 – Sweden)
1/17/19: ‘Paint Nite’ event in Concord
1/18/19: Patricia Racette. Master Class – SF Conservatory of Music
1/20/19: Birthday at famed restaurant Chez Panisse. Berkeley, CA
1/25/19: SF Ballet Don Quixote – Opening night
1/26/19: Paper Moon In Concert. Vallejo, CA
1/27/19: SF Civic Symphony Winter Concert 3:00 PM
1/27/19: Telegraph Quartet Mozart Birthday Celebration Concert 7:30 PM
1/30/19: Movie ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ Maya theatre
1/30/19: Movie ‘The Upside’ Maya theatre


Photo Gallery – January 2019 events of everyday life


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