Gloomy February

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Gloomy February

I’m glad February is finally over. We had cold days and a lot of rains this month. I must admit that I get depressed so easily in Winter. My hearing loss is so severe I avoid making friends. So, I hardly spoke English. My intimate conversation is with myself – into my inner world – my needs, passions, hardships, and a unique view of the world. I’m so flattered when a man shows interest in me. However, I’m not a good companion to anybody. Having good communication is most important in a relationship. My impaired ability to communicate with other people – that is a deal breaker. Aging – that is another factor, decrease my self-esteem and confidence.

What did I do this month?

  1. I have a few wonderful acquaintances and enjoyed nice dinners. Thanks to them.
  2. This month entertainment was: Kodo @ UC Berkeley, Caleidoscope @ UC Berkeley, Lunar New Year, Hip-hop and Salsa @ Yoshi’s, Black History Month @ Presidio, SF Chamber Orchestra, SF Ballet “Kaleidoscope” triple bill.
  3. Movies: Classic Movie at Orinda Theatre. “What Men Want” & “The UPSIDE” Senior discount $4.50 @ Maya Theatre.

Around the house:

  1. I painted a small section of the living room wall.
  2. Organizing & cleaning my Kitchen.
  3. I squatted down and pulled at the weeds with all my might. All-day, many hours. Ache all over my body.
Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!
2/02/19: Kodo: One Earth Tour: Evolution @ Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley
2/05/19: Dinner @ Casa Orinda
2/08/19: Caleidoscope @ Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley
2/10/19: Lunar New Year Celebration @Oakland Asian Cultural Center
2/11/19: Gambizi and Dos Four @ Yoshi’s Oakland
2/13/19: Dinner @ Black Angus Steakhouse
2/14/19: Classic Movie “Love in the Afternoon” @ Orinda Theatre
2/17/19: Presidio Chapel concert, “Where Freedom Rings”
2/20/19: “What Men Want” & “The UPSIDE” $4.50 Senior discount
2/22/19: SF Chamber Orchestra Concert: “A Night at the Opera”
2/23/19: SF Ballet ‘Kaleidoscope’ Triple-Bill Programs
2/24/19: Dog sitting for the next 2 weeks
2/27/19: Cancelled/deleted my personal website from iPage hosting


Photo Gallery – February 2019 events of everyday life



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