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March – Frustrated

I was frustrated because of inability to change or achieve something. Something that’s so simple.

I have been dealing with iPage web hosting and domain registration company. I wanted to cancel/to delete everything includes my web files and domain. It was easy to cancel hosting from Account Central, however, Domain Central was a different story. Click Disable Domain Privacy. But, there was no disable button.
I communicated with iPage support team via text-chat at the same time my friend talked over the phone. Next day, I got the same confirmation Email saying my files are deleted, but they will keep my domain in “Domain Parking” and will charge me. Same things went on for several days. Then, my neighbor and I did the same. It took three more days to finally delete my domain. Total of 3 weeks dealing with iPage Customer support. Unbelievable.

Minor car accident:
I had a minor car accident with an unoccupied parked car at a parking lot while backing up. My car scraped the adjacent car. No Injuries.

It was my carelessness and stupidity. I reported to my insurance company. I try to create an account on the company’s website. But I never got a temporary password.
I lost my Clipper card (I think when I was exchanging info with another party when the accident occurred. It must have been slipped on the ground from my purse. I try to report “lost card” online. However, there is only “Cancel” bottom, no “Submit” I had to go to customer services center at Enbarcadero.
I noticed my Driver License has expired 2 months ago. I never got a courtesy renewal notice from DMV. I got panicked. I jumped out to the street and hitchhiked to nearest DMV. I didn’t browse the DMV website nor study “Driver Handbook”.
Of course, I didn’t prepare anything to take a Driver License test. No appointment made.
1) I studied the Driver Handbook while standing in the queue.
2) Fill out basic info (your basic identity) in touch screen Computer.
3) Class C Renewal Pay a nonrefundable application fee $36
4) Give a fingerprint scan.
5) Vision test.
6) Have your photograph taken.
7) Pass the knowledge test. I passed.
8) Received an interim DL.
9) A few days later, I get my new photo DL in the mail.

Next problem was that I must submit a Trafic accident report to DMV within 10 days if either one of them has over $1,000 damage. I turned down my claim from my insurance Co. So, my damage is ZERO. I sent Email to another person for her cost of repair. If her cost exceeds $1,000 then I must report to DMV. But, she hasn’t taken care with her agent. So, even my cost is ZERO, I submitted a report to DMV to protect myself (don’t want a license to be suspended).

SF Ballet:
Program 6 “Space Between” is a triple bill. I really wanted to see “Bjork Ballet”. This work is visually interesting.” I was feeling dizziness so bad during the second intermission. So, I had to leave the theatre and I didn’t see “Bjork Ballet”. “Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes” was all male dancers and “Die Toteninsel” was choreographed by Liam Scarlett, I saw his “Frankenstein” last year.

Note: I’m looking for travel companions (travel by cruise ships, trains, cars) – Share expenses.
The time is now!

3/01/19: Annual Physical Exam
3/06/19: Movie: Green Book and dinner
3/16/19: Bad day, I hit another car – stupidity
3/19/19: Driver License test
3/23/19: 2018 Taxes filing completed
3/29/19: SF Ballet “Space Between”


Photo Gallery – March 2019 events of everyday life


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